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December Starts In Montreal With 4 Shootings In Just 2 Days

"The number of privately held handguns has doubled in the last seven years."
Montreal Sees 4 Shootings In Just 2 Days As December Begins
  • Just three days into December and Montreal has already seen a frightening number of gun-related incidents.
  • Over the last two days, there have been four shootings in Montreal, spanning the island from east to west.
  • Gun control advocates are speaking up and demanding the Liberals make good on their election promises to crack down on guns in Canada.

Just days before the anniversary of the shooting at Montreal's Ecole Polytechnique on December 6, 1989, Montreal has just seen four gun-related incidents in just 2 days, with at least one confirmed death. 

Many advocates are still fighting for stronger gun control in Canada, and have appealed to Trudeau's government to take action and make good on their election promises.

In Montreal this past Sunday, "a shooting at a party in Anjou left one person dead and three others injured," CJAD reported, noting that this marked the 17th homicide on the Island of Montreal in 2019.

One of the victims was fortunately discharged from the hospital early on, however, two other victims remained in hospital hours after the incident. They suffered from serious injuries but were in stable condition.

Then, just before 2 p.m. on Monday, a 23-year old man was shot at in what appeared to be a horrific case of road rage.

According to the CBC, the victim was conscious while he was transported to the hospital and that the injuries sustained to his upper body were not life-threatening.

Reports indicate that an altercation between the victim and the shooter escalated while they were driving along the Autoroute 40's service road, finally resulting in the shooter pulling up beside the victim's vehicle and opening fire.

Then, around 9:15 p.m. on Monday, another man was shot in a Dorval parking lot, "on the Côte-de-Liesse service road near Chartier Avenue." The victim was a 25-year-old man who "didn't know why he was targeted by the gunshot," the SPVM explained.

The SPVM included that the man was "conscious but seriously injured," on his upper body. He was then rushed to hospital by first-responders as police began their investigation. 

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Later on Monday, just before midnight, another young man was shot in the east end of Montreal. The victim suffered several gunshot wounds leaving him in "serious condition," according to CTV Montreal's Cosmo Santamaria, who tweeted out the video below. 

According to the SPVM, the victim was found on the ground and was unconscious when officers arrived on the scene at rue Notre-Dame and 4e avenue.

The CBC confirms that the two incidents that happened later on Monday were unrelated, but that in both cases the police do not have descriptions of the suspects.

We reached out to Urgences-santé for updates on the status of these victims, however once victims are dropped off at the hospital Urgences-santé is no longer kept up to date with information. 

According to the SPVM, as of 7:30 a.m. Tuesday morning, there are no new facts in any of these cases, however investigations are ongoing.

Recently, the group of survivors who lived through Montreal's Ecole Polytechnique shooting, PolySeSouvient, have spoken out, demanding "comprehensive, bold gun control measures," from the Liberal government.

They also sent an open letter to Canada's federal public safety minister, urging him to ban both military-style assault rifles and handguns. According to PolySeSouvient, the number of privately held handguns in Canada "has doubled in the last seven years."

Their letter notes that Statistics Canada has reported an increase in firearm homicides for the fourth consecutive year, "the highest rate observed in Canada since 1992."

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