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Snowfall Warning Issued As Montreal Is To Be Hit With Another 15cm Of Snow Today

Add that to the 50cm we got on Friday...
Montreal Snowfall Warning Issued As The City Is To Be Hit With Another 15cm Of Snow Today
  • Environment Canada has issued a Montreal Snowfall Warning as the city braces to get hit with another 15 cm of snow today.
  • Add that to the 50 cm we got on Friday and we're looking at a whopping 65 cm of snow on the ground before the end of today.
  • So, bundle up and drive safe out there, Montreal!

Environment Canada has issued a Snowfall Warning for Montreal and surrounding areas today, proving that Montreal winter weather is back in full force, just in time for the Monday morning commute to work. The STM has also tweeted, warning bus passengers, in particular, to be patient and expect delays, and the roads are becoming more and more difficult to navigate as the snow continues to fall.

This new Snowfall Warning comes after the massive snowstorm that hit Montreal on Friday, February 7. Environment Canada confirmed in a now-removed weather summary that Montreal did, in fact, receive up to 50 cm of snow.

Friday's wind continued into the weekend as temperatures dropped through the weekend, with Saturday reaching -19.9 with 37 km/h winds, and Sunday reaching -23.7.

The current Snowfall Warning anticipates 5cm of snow this morning and a total snowfall amount of 15cm. Regions included in the warning are Montréal, Laval, Longueuil, Varennes, Châteauguay, and La Prairie.

Other regions with Snowfall Warnings include the Eastern Townships, Lachute, Saint-Jérôme, Lanaudière, the Richelieu Valley, Saint-Hyacinthe Vaudreuil, Soulanges, and Huntingdon.

These regions are also expected to see an addition 15cm of snow by the end of the day.

Yesterday, Environment Canada sent out the tweet below, indicating the possibility of 5 to 10 cm of snow across Southern Quebec on Monday.

However, by 7:30 this morning, the expectation of some more snow had turned into a full-on Snowfall Warning , with the expected amount of snow reaching 15cm, as indicated by the second tweet, above.

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Below is the STM's polite reminder that the snow is bound to slow down the buses today, so be prepared, take extra time getting around and... personally, I'd suggest the metro if you can swing it.

The city still working on removing the massive amounts of snow dumped on Montreal on Friday, as you can see by the map below.

The tweet reads, "At 7 a.m. this Monday morning, the streets in red are the ones on which the snow had been loaded (on at least one of the sides)."

Those streets not marked in red still need to be serviced... and they will likely be back before long to remove the additional snow that is falling on the city right now.

If it was too cold to make the most of the snow this weekend, perhaps this week is your chance!

We've got more fluffy stuff on the way and temperatures in Montreal are forecasted to be much less cold than this weekend.

In the meantime, say warm and drive safe out there, Montreal!

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