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8 Montreal Homes For Sale Along The Blue Line Extension Where Prices Are Only Going Up

Find your new home in Saint-Leonard, New Rosemont or Little Maghreb!
8 Montreal Houses For Sale Along The Blue Line Extension Route Whose Prices Are Only Going To Go Up

It's now official that the Montreal's STM Blue Line is getting an extension that will serve huge parts of the northern and northeastern parts of the island. Of course, Pointe-aux-Trembles will have to keep waiting for their subway service, but residents in Saint-Leonard can get excited that they won't be schlepping on the 193 bus from now until eternity. We decided to take a look at the real estate situation in that Montreal area to find properties that are only going to appreciate in value as the Blue Line extension comes into fruition.

I was surprised to find that, unlike some areas in Montreal, this region is not entirely made up of "cheap" finds. In fact, there are a couple properties on this list that are dancing frighteningly close to the million-dollar mark. 

Many of these seem to be beautifully renovated on the inside, which likely explains the steep price point. 

Others are more reasonably priced and look like perfectly adorable starter homes or condos made for a couple.

So, if you're intrigued by Saint-Leonard, New Rosemont, Little Maghreb or any other little spots where the Blue Line will soon reach, take a look at these Montreal homes for sale right now that are only going to go up in price.

The STM's plan for the Blue Line extension is set to have a submitted business case by this year, where they will then hold a public consultation process to "obtain by-law urban planning rules."

By this spring, "preparatory work on certain sites" will begin. Below is a map from the STM that indicates the approximate locations where they plan to build the new Blue Line stations.

[rebelmouse-image 26887054 photo_credit="STM" expand=1 original_size="2186x640"] STM

By 2021, the STM will begin building new infrastructure and the whole new line should be inaugurated in 2026.

Take a look at these awesome homes below which fall near the expected locations of the new Blue Line extension.

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2 Storey With A Swimming Pool In Little Maghreb

Address: 6570, 29e ave.

Price: $962,000

View the full listing here!

Semi-detached In Saint-Leonard

Address: 6990, 29e ave.

Price: $799,000

View the full listing here!

3 Bedroom Condo In Anjou

Address: 6791, Place d'Antioche, unit 4

Price: $279,000

View the full listing here!

Semi-detached In Anjou

Address: 6722, rue Jean-Milot

Price: $459,000

View the full listing here!

Modern 3 Bedroom In Little Maghreb

Address: 7120, rue Daudet

Price: $939,000

View the full listing here!

Stone 2 Storey In Anjou 

Address: 7120, ave. de Montpensier

Price: $799,900

View the full listing here!

Sweet Little 2 Storey In François-Perrault

Address: 7111, ave. 19e

Price: $445,000

View the full listing here!

2 Bedroom Bungalow In Little Maghreb 

Address: 6654, ave. 27e

Price: $599,000

View the full listing here!

So, did you find your new dream home?

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