Mayor Plante Is Making Montreal's Entire STM Network Free For The Climate Strike

The decision comes after the CAQ decided to reject a proposal in the National Assembly.
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Montreal STM Metro & Bus Network Will Be Free For The Climate Strike
  • Mayor Plante and the ARTM have agreed to make STM metro and bus rides free for the climate strike on September 27.
  • Schools and institutions across the city are cancelling class and closing in solidarity with strike attendees.
  • Greta Thunberg, international climate activist, will lead the strike on Friday.

Only a few days before Montreal's climate strike on Friday, September 27, opposition party Québec Solidaire made a motion in the National Assembly that asked the governing CAQ to make public transit on Montreal's STM free for the march. They also proposed to extend the offer to nine other cities across the province. 

Transport Minister François Bonnardel rejected the proposal at this morning's assembly. However, municipalities will have the authority to make their own decisions. The Transport Minister also accused Québec Solidaire of using the climate strike as "political capital," according to La Presse

In response to this, the city of Montreal and Mayor Valérie Plante, along with l'Autorité régionale de transport métropolitain (ARTM) nd the Communauté métropolitaine de Montréal, made the executive decision to make all public transport free for the climate march this Friday! 

With many Montreal schools cancelling classes and BIXI offering free bike rides, it was only a matter of time before Mayor Plante and the STM stepped in to make public transport free this Friday. 

Translation: I made the decision to offer free public transportation on the STM network this Friday the 27th September for the climate strike. We're waiting for you to be by our side for the future of the planet!

The Parti Québécois and the Liberal Party reportedly supported Québec Solidaire's proposal but said that the government shouldn't only offer free public transit on Friday. 

Some 300,000 people are expected at the climate march this Friday in Montreal and free metro rides will go a long way to ensure everyone can make it to the rally, according to Québec Solidaire's spokesperson, Manon Massé. 

According to Massé's official letter, waiving public transit fees would cost roughly $900,000. She proposed that the government would be more than able to compensate the companies for the lost fees.

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Though Minister Bonnardel rejected Québec Solidaire's proposal, he didn't close the door to municipalities to make their own decisions on the matter.  

Hence why Valérie Plante and the STM just announced that all public transit, including the metro and buses, will be free this Friday! 

Translation: Travel on our transit network will be free on the 27th of September. Another reason to make a green choice and opt to take the STM on that special day!

Many universities and CÉGEPs in Montreal have decided to cancel classes for the climate strike. Some business will also be closed in the city, in solidarity with the strikers. 

Translation: Today, the government voted in favour of a motion to declare a climate emergency. Now, it's up to François Legault to make concrete gestures: end oil and gas projects and transition to a green economy.

This news comes in the wake of the CAQ voting to adopt a motion to declare a climate emergency in Quebec. This doesn't mean that they have, just that they will consider declaring one at a later date.

Montreal's climate strike will assemble at Mont-Royal at 12 p.m. this Friday, September 27. 

Visit Climate Strike Montreal's official page for complete details. 

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