Orange Line Partially Shut Down This Morning Due To Equipment Failure

A bus service has been initiated.
Montreal STM Metro Orange Line Down Due To Electrical Equipment Failure

The Montreal Metro Orange line went down this morning due to what the STM called an "electrical equipment failure," that has resulted in a service interruption, particularly effecting stops serving commuters in Montreal-Nord and Laval. The STM sent out a tweet regarding the shutdown at around 7 a.m. this morning, January 10, 2020. In the tweet, they explain that the shutdown may last as long as 40 minutes, with service expected to resume at 7:40 a.m.

For those coming from the direction of Cote-Vertu, count yourself lucky. The impact of this shutdown is focused to the northeastern section of the Orange line.

In their tweet the STM indicates the shutdown is currently just effecting stations from Montmorency to Cartier, which means only three stations are currently impacted: Montmorency, De La Concorde and Cartier.

The STM has implemented a bus service to help commuters get on their way while the shutdown continues. 

Take a look at the STM tweets regarding the shutdown below.

Below is the tweet sent out by the STM this morning indicating the shutdown would last until 7:40 a.m.

This gives the hopeful indication that the STM believes they can have the electrical equipment failure fixed within the hour - great news for the commuters in Laval needing to get into Montreal this morning.

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Following the announcement of the shutdown, the STM indicated a bus service would be initiated by the STL in order to get commuters between this metro stations while the shutdown continued.

Again, the stops impacted for now are Montmorency, De La Concorde and Cartier. If that changes we will update this space.

Fixing equipment problems doesn't always go according to plan, so we will update this space if the STM is forced to extend the shutdown.

But let's be optimistic! Perhaps they'll have it sorted in no time.

Update 1: The STM has now extended the shutdown to include stations from Montmorency to Henri-Bourassa.

Update 2: Service is gradually resuming on the Orange line as of 7:30 a.m.

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