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New Petition Calls For Montreal STM Officers To Dress Like Stormtroopers Once They Get Their New "Police Powers"

Last week, the STM announced that it was putting a motion in place that would give its officers more police-like powers. The move would allow STM inspectors to arrest people, for example, and tow cars that were blocking the way.

This announcement was met with resistance. Many fear that this will lead to more instances of police brutality in the metro. Others, including the STM, say this will allow for more accountability.

Some people express their concerns through genuine, well-crafted posts and articles. Others take the comedy route. Take this petition, which calls for STM officers to wear Stormtrooper outfits to suit their new designation.

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TL;DR A petition calls for STM officers to wear Stormtrooper costumes once they obtain their new "special constable" status.

The premise is simple. The petition states that, since STM officers want access to more power, we should dress them as Stormtroopers.

The petition concludes by saying "big fan of the STM and George Lucas."

Here's a sneak peak of what this would actually look like:

Of course, the Stormtrooper costumes wouldn't entirely suit the newly empowered transit officers. While Troopers carry weapons, STM inspectors would still not be permitted to do so.

The petition has only been signed by 24 people, out of a goal of 100 people. It's so weirdly hilarious that it might just reach its goal.

Those who have signed commented their approval for the plan. "My priorities are in the right place," says one, while another states that "you should see them coming a mile away."

Maybe the person behind this is actually just a really nerdy STM officer who wants to wear Star Wars outfits and is hoping to reverse-psychology their way into a Storm Trooper costume?

These mind tricks won't work on me, however. 

You can sign the petition here.

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