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Montreal STM Worker Admits The Buses Aren't Working Properly

It's actually pretty embarrassing for the STM.
Montreal STM Worker Admits The Buses Aren't Working Properly

It's no secret that public transit in Montreal isn't the best out there, especially during the winter when we constantly experience delays, cancellations, slower service, and break downs. 

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TL;DR STM buses in Montreal are regularly put on the roads when they are in repairs or due for maintenance. The STM pushes out buses that are not in peak condition due to the massive demand during morning rush hour. Other important measures are often not taken at all.

Still, most of us rely on the STM to get us to where we need to go. You might want to take back some of that trust, however, as the city's public transit system has been trying to cover up a lot more than you could've imagined. 

It turns out that STM buses are regularly put on the road and into service even after mechanics have determined they are unfit for work and have a high chance of breaking down.

Remember those times you've been on a city bus and it suddenly broke down, leaving you to somehow find another way to get to your destination? Well, it was totally predictable, yet the bus was still put into service.

The reason why these buses are being pushed out despite their issues is because of how concerned the STM is with reaching its quota for buses on the road during morning rush hour. Although it really doesn't make the situation better if all of these morning commuters end up stuck on a broken-down bus and super late for work.

Sources even admit that maintenance work will shut down in the mornings so that enough buses can be on the roads. On top of that, the STM has fewer full-time mechanics in 2018 than in previous years, causing work on all 1,808 buses in the city to take longer than usual.

To put things in perspective, STM buses break down up to three times more often than the public buses in both Toronto and Manhattan, and as twice as often as buses in Laval! Needless to say, Montreal's transit is starting to look a bit embarrassing.

It gets worse, as even when mechanics flag all of the issues with a bus, it does not guarantee they'll be addressed. Ever. Any unrequired work is rarely done on the buses, so problems involving bus doors, for example, are often neglected.

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And sometimes when a bus does break down, it might not even be due to poor maintenance! Instead, it could simply be because the bus is empty on gas, which is an issue that is becoming much more frequent. 

We knew the STM was pretty dysfunctional, but never to this extent! It looks like you'll want to start looking for another means of transportation in the city.


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