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Montreal Is Giving Drivers A Break With Changes To Parking Rules This Year

Many of us are thankful for this one.
Montreal Is Giving Drivers A Break With Changes To Parking Rules This Year
  • The City of Montreal issued a press release on March 23 announcing the change in Montreal parking by-laws, which will be in effect until May 1, 2020.
  • Find out more about the current parking situation in the city below.

With all the uncertainty we're faced with at the moment, the City of Montreal is doing its best to keep citizens both informed and safe. With all non-essential businesses being shut down until April 13 and all Quebec schools needing to remain closed until May 1, the majority of us have very little reason to leave our homes, except to do groceries. But regardless, because of the pandemic we're experiencing, the City released a statement to update everyone on the current parking situation in Montreal.

The City of Montreal has decided to modify its parking regulations to ensure everyone's safety. Schedules on street signs will be coming into force on May 1, 2020, instead of the indicated April 1, 2020. It is stated on The City of Montreal's website that "no tickets will be issued at this time. This measure is valid for all boroughs."

When it comes to resident-only street parking, all expired stickers will be considered valid until further notice. In this same vein, new stickers for the resident-only zone will not be issued for the time being.

This means that only people with a sticker can park in these designated areas — if not they will be at risk of getting a ticket.

Parking surveillances routes will now be modified to prioritize surveillance of infractions "with the greatest impact on public safety."

Payment for paid parking will remain the same as what is indicated on the parking meters.

These payments can be made using a credit card at the parking station or on the Agence de mobilité durable's mobile app. The choice is yours!

Below is a tweet from Mayor Plante updating us about the new parking by-laws.

TRANSLATION: "Montreal amends its parking by-law: the April 1st on-street parking ban is postponed to May 1st and expired parking stickers are considered valid until further notice."

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It's nice to know that the city will be cutting some slack during this difficult time when it comes to parking tickets. However, do you think that meter parking should still be in effect?

The City of Montreal ended its press release by stating that "the city would like to remind you that preventing infections is everyone's responsibility."

"Montrealers are asked to follow all public health recommendations issued by the Direction régionale de santé publique."

You can find all the updates about the COVID-19 situation in Montreal here.

We at MTL Blog hope that everyone is staying safe during this confusing time. It is up to us to be strong as stay united as a city throughout this uncertain period.

Quebec health officials released guidelines for individuals to follow to help stop the spread of COVID-19 in the province. You can read about them here.

More information on hygiene practices during the pandemic is available on the government of Canada's website here.

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