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Montreal Streetlights Have Been Flashing Mysteriously For Weeks

These lights are turning the streets of Montreal into a nightclub.
Montreal Streetlights Have Been Flashing Mysteriously For Weeks

Several videos emerged on Twitter last night, all of which recorded a curious spectacle. The videos show the streetlights of Montreal flashing on and off, making them look like strobe lights.

TL;DR The streetlights of Montreal are malfunctioning in the NDG area, on Colbrook Street. The problem is due to the new LED lights, which are getting too little voltage and subsequently flashing.

A tweet sent out two days ago by user BringTheGates2MTL shows an incredible lightshow.

What's up with the street lights on #SherbrookeSt#Montreal?

February 4, 2019

Monday night, two other users tweeted out similar videos. The lights are flashing rapidly on and off. You can see cars making their way carefully through the strobe lighting. This lighting is dangerous for drivers, because it impairs vision.

Did somebody hacked Montreal’s smart streetlights in CDN-NDG?

February 5, 2019

And the issue doesn't seem to be short-lived. Twitter user Ian H posted two videos five hours apart in the same thread, which shows that the situation has not abatted at all.

City light show on my street

February 5, 2019

@MTL_Ville 5 hours later

February 5, 2019

Ian H., who lives in the NDG borough, said that this issue happens frequently. It has been a reoccuring problem since they switched to LED lights.

This video, submitted to MTLBlog by an anonymous reader, show similarly flashing lights, this time in the Montreal borough of St-Henri. According to the reader, this has happened several times in the last few months.

@mtlblogembedded via  

The comments section is full of strange and wonderful theories as to the cause of this mystery. Some are stating that aliens are invading the "cool" neighborhoods, while others are comparing this to the Harry Potter movies. Many are drawing parallels between these scenes and Stranger Things.

A few weeks ago, city spokesperson Marilyne Laroche Corbeil stated that the issue was due to the city's new "smart" light system, and that issues with the new LED light bulbs would be resolved soon.

In an email to CBC, Corbeil stated that "an electronic component's defect in certain lights was found in the NDG area." Accoding to her, "the problem should be resolved via the intelligent system in early February."

It appears that the problem is still ongoing as we near the end of the first week of February.

Have you ever seen Montreal street lights mysteriously flashing?

Stay tuned.

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