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The 60km/h Winds In Montreal Smashed A Crane Into This Apartment Complex (VIDEO)

Be safe out there.
Montreal Strong Wind And Storm Knocks Crane Down Into An Apartment (VIDEO)

Strong winds battered Montreal Friday as Environment Canada warned of freezing rain and storm conditions in much of southern Quebec. Wind speeds of between 50 and 80 km/h rattled power lines, at one point leaving almost ten thousand people without electricity. According to The Weather Network, powerful gusts even managed to knock a crane into a Montreal apartment building.

The crane smashed into a corner on the top floor of the structure.

The Video of the aftermath shows a collapsed wall and some interior damage. 

There is currently no wind warning for the Montreal area, but Environment Canada has previously warned of possible "damage to buildings, such as to roof shingles and windows" as a result of high wind speeds in other regions of Quebec.

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