This "Montreal Passport" Gives You Complete Access To The Metro & Almost Every Attraction For Just $100

You can save big bucks and get to know some of Montreal's famous attractions.
Montreal Botanical Garden
  • The Montreal Passport gives users unlimited access to the metro and visits to almost every attraction for 2 or 3 days.
  • The $100 pass is worth $500.

If you've ever wanted to try some of the tourist attractions famous to Montreal but just keep putting it off, like we all do, because money or you know, you live here and they'll still be here tomorrow — then why not jam as much as you can into two or three fun-filled days?

You can get 48-hour access (or 72 hours if you're hardcore) to 28 Montreal hotspots for under $100 with this Montreal Passport. Worried about getting around? The passport also gives you unlimited free public transport on the island of Montreal during that time.

You can buy the two-day pass for $93 or the three-day pass for $113. The pass is valued at over $500 — so it's really up to the user to determine how many attractions you can fit into your time period. 

If you would prefer a low-key tour of Montreal, take advantage of the free admission to nearly every museum Montreal has to offer and laze your day away taking in some culture. End it with a scenic boat cruise, sipping a glass of wine, on the Bateau-Mouche in the Old Port.

For those that want a bit more activity in their day, you get free admission to things like the Montreal Zip Line, two free games of laser tag, or an hour rental of a quad-bike.

Just be aware that from the first moment you use your pass, the clock is ticking. It's valid from the date and time you first use it, whether it's at an attraction or the metro, and ends when the clock strikes 48-hours (or 72). 

It's not just free admissions though, the Casino de Montreal gives passport holders $25 worth of betting credit while La Ronde gives 40% off an admission ticket. 

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Buying a card allows you to enter Tourisme Montréal's monthly contest giveaway where they will reimburse you the cost of your card if you win. All you have to do is register to enter.

You can buy your passes online or in most major hotels. There are also a few other points of sale throughout the city. 

It's a cool way to get to know the city's hotspots and visit some of the local tourist attractions without paying the full price. 

Montreal Passport 

WHEN: Ongoing, but certain attractions are seasonal

WHERE: Around the island of Montreal. For the full list, click here.

COST: Two-days: $93; Three days: $113