Montreal Traffic Is Going To Be An Absolute Disaster This Weekend

You're better off taking the metro.
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Montreal Traffic Is Going To Be An Absolute Disaster This Weekend

Traffic problems and Montreal seem to be best buds these days. There's no shortage of construction delays, transit delays, literally, everything is delayed. Well, starting Thursday, we're in for some more pain. 

The Turcot Interchange that services the whole western part of the city will be completely shut down starting tomorrow night, March 14th until Monday morning, March 18th. Autoroute 15 south and three ramps will be completely shut down for the weekend. 

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TL;DR  The Turcot Interchange will be totally shut down this weekend from Thursday to Monday morning. Drivers should prepare in advance and expect significant traffic delays throughout the weekend. All non-essential travel should be avoided. 

Via Turcot Interchange

The closures are expected to be over by Monday morning. As you can see in the above diagram, drivers can expect an insane amount of traffic southbound, northbound, eastbound, get the point. 

This is unusual, closing the Turcot during the weekday, but according to the government website, the closure is required to dismantle an old section of the Turcot to make way for a new one. 

The traffic authorities warn of significant traffic delays, with nearly every ramp and highway section being re-routed. With this in mind, residents of NDG, Verdun,  and St-Henri are in for some traffic in the neighbourhood, so stay alert if you're living there. 

To better plan your trip, consult the Quebec 511 website to use their various trip-planning tools. 

Here's a full list of expected closures:

From 10 PM Thursday to 5 AM Monday

  • Closure of Autoroute 15 southbound
  • Ramp from Autoroute 20 eastbound towards 15 north
  • Ramp from Autoroute 15 northbound towards 15 west
  • Ramp from Autoroute 15 southbound towards 20 south

From 12 AM Friday to 5 AM Monday

  • Closure of Autoroute 15 northbound towards exit 60
  • Closure of Autoroute 15 northbound towards exit 62 and the Turcot
  • Closure of Autoroute 720 and Autoroute 20 westbound between Turcot and the entrance from Boulevard de Saint-Anne-de-Bellevue

Hope you have a good weekend? Remember, if you don't need to drive around the Turcot, don't. Please please please take the metro, take the bus, or walk. 

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