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Montreal Trains And Buses Will Be Free For Four Days This Holiday Season

Finally some good transit news!
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Montreal Trains And Buses Will Be Free For Four Days This Holiday Season

Getting around during the holidays can be difficult, even dangerous.

The most popular travel season of the year qualifies as a kind of mass migration. Innumerable millions take to the roads and skies to meet friends and loved ones.

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TL;DR Exo trains will be free on December 24th, 25th, and 31st, and January 1st.

Frigid temperatures and heavy snowfall only complicate matters. Hazardous driving conditions pose a threat to eager travellers and force many to resort to public transit, which, in turn, becomes impossibly crowded.

That's why transit authorities like to roll out special deals this time of year to encourage safe travel and placate frustrated travellers. 

For Cyber Monday, for example,VIA rail is offering 40% off unlimited travel passes.

Today, a Montreal regional transit authority has followed suit.

Exo is now promising four days of free train rides this holiday season!

According to Narcity, these days will be: December 24th, 25th, and 31st, and January 1st. Regional buses will also be free on these dates.

This is the perfect opportunity to voyage out for a holiday trip or visit some family in the suburbs.

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The announcement comes after a bad week for transit agencies in the Montreal area. STM bus delays and mechanical issues have dominated headlines this month. The agency head has even admitted that without a new metro line, little can be done to alleviate congestion on the overburdened system.

With a majority provincial government reluctant to address urban tranportation issues, however, it may be a while before Montreal-area transit functions at peak efficiency.

This offer from Exo, however, is enough to appease commuters for now.

Read more on the Exo website here.

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