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Montreal Truckers Had A Honking Parade Throughout The City (Video)

Honks of solidarity!
Montreal Truckers Had A Honking Parade Throughout The City (Video)
  • On the rainy afternoon of Sunday, April 19, locals across Montreal heard trucks honking throughout the streets.
  • If you happened to look outside your window while this was happening, you would have noticed a truck parade making its way across the city.
  • Check out videos of this Montreal occurrence below!

On the rainy afternoon of Sunday, April 19, locals across Montreal heard trucks honking one after another as they made their way through the city's streets. If the noise frightened you, don't be alarmed! While I can't say for sure, many individuals online believe this honking parade was in support of front line workers.

Initially, when I heard the noise, I feared an accident had occurred. But when I noticed the sounds lasted longer than one usual honk, I looked out my window to see a full-blown truck parade!

I knew I wasn't alone in hearing these honks, as I saw Montreal locals on Twitter and Instagram questioning what was currently happening in the city.

We've already seen the rainbow trend make its way through Montreal to lift people's spirits, now locals have found another way to bring the city together: by honking!

While individuals online have been providing various assumptions about what this truck parade could have been for, it seems most people are guessing that it was in support of essential workers.

If you happened to miss this exciting event, which you probably did if you had earphones in around 2 p.m., then you can relive it in the videos below!

Here's a glimpse of what this honking truck parade looked like from above.

If you live downtown or in its surrounding boroughs, it's likely that you heard a whole lot of beep beeps on the afternoon of Sunday, April 19.

Montrealers truly always have something up their sleeves, from rainbows in their windows to cocktail kit deliveries, this city never fails to amaze me.

And now, a truck parade!

One thing is for sure, considering all the drivers in the videos I've seen stayed in their vehicles, we can assure ourselves that they were supporting social distancing measures.

While I haven't been able to find an actual source that proves this honking parade was to support the front line workers, many people seem to believe so.

Others simply believe it was to show "solidarity" during these unprecedented times.

Here's one last video of the parade — just for good measure.

Courtesy of @karencantuq via Instagram

Stay safe, Montreal.

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