Major Closures On The Montreal Turcot Interchange Are Coming This Thanksgiving Weekend

Tell the in-laws you're gunna be late to Thanksgiving dinner.
Montreal Turcot Interchange Thanksgiving 2019

There will be closures on the Turcot Interchange in Montreal this weekend, so you'll want to consider these highway and ramp conditions when you're plotting your Thanksgiving drive.

The closures will begin late Friday night and continue until Thanksgiving Monday — and both the Ville-Marie Expressway (Autoroute 720) and the Autoroute 20 will be impacted.

This means getting in and out of the city this weekend will be... well, kinda like many of the past weekends in Montreal, as we circumvent the neverending work on the Turcot Interchange and associated arteries.

But the good news is that in addition to some significant closures on both the 20 and 720, we'll also see some roads re-open on the holiday Monday.

So even if this weekend kinda blows for getting around/ in-and-out of the city, at the very least the commute on Tuesday should be slightly less congested than the recent past.

If you do have to do any significant driving this weekend, though, consider these closures before you set the Google Maps to Start. 

I mean, it is Thanksgiving weekend... why not take the scenic route?

For the Ville-Marie Expressway (Autoroute 720), the closures will impact both directions, east and west.

The 720 will be inaccessible from the Turcot Interchange all the way to the Ville Marie Tunnel, so you'll want to find another way in and out of the city when you head to the in-laws'.

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For the Autoroute 20, closures will just be on the westbound side, again from the Turcot Interchange all the way to the boulevard Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue entrance.

The above closures on the Autoroutes 20 and 720 will last all weekend, but should re-open very early Monday morning, around 5 a.m., meaning Tuesday's commute shouldn't be impacted.

Then, starting on Monday, one lane will be closed from the 720 all the way through the Turcot Interchange for the next four weeks or so. 

The entrance from St. Antoine to the Ville-Marie Expressway that was temporarily opened from rue Rose-de-Lima will also close permanently.

There is one piece of good news though: two entrances onto the Turcot Interchange will re-open next week as well.

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