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Montreal University Students Are Furious As Schools Remain Open Despite Winter Storm

These kids are ready to riot like it's 2012.
Montreal University Students Are Furious As Schools Remain Open Despite Winter Storm
  • As a winter storm continues to rip through Montreal, threatening to bring 50 centimetres by the end of the day, many students are enjoying a snow day.
  • That's not the case for Montreal university students, who have been told that schools will remain open today.
  • Read the hilarious responses below to the news that has brought Concordians and McGillians together on this sad and snowy day.

Montreal university students are up in arms today after nearly every single school and school board on the island decided to cancel classes because of the winter storm warning issued by Environment Canada and the subsequent tempest that is still ripping through the city.

Yes, both Concordia and McGill universities are open today despite most other students being graced with a snow day.

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So what do Montreal students do when they're unhappy?

Well, riot, of course.

Although, thanks to the weather, the riots have been kept, for the most part, in the realm of Twitter.

For now.

But as the wind continues to whip the non-stop falling snow through our beloved streets, we may find the university students' discontent grows. They may don their snowsuits and take to the streets, along with the whipping wind and snow, to protest being asked to commute in such ridiculous weather when all other students have been given a free pass to go play.

Okay, if you couldn't tell: I'm kidding.

Sure, these students are unimpressed. But we're probably safe from a riot, thanks to the weather. What we're not safe from is the sodium content of these tweets that are saltier than a truck trying to de-ice a Montreal sidewalk. 

As you can see from this video below, it's not like Montreal campuses are somehow exempt from the storm.

Yet despite tragic travel conditions and the danger of trying to walk on Montreal sidewalks, both McGill and Concordia have maintained that classes are running, buildings are open and, therefore, students are expected to make the trek into school.

Some McGill and Concordia students were simply baffled by the news this morning that they weren't being given a snow day like so many other students on the island (and all over Quebec) today.

Other students were just laying down the salt, as I mentioned above, ready to blame their alma mater for their inevitable death.

It raised the inevitable question... had anyone in the hallowed halls of these institutions, beacons of higher learning, actually looked outside?!

And if, on the off chance that all the windows were covered in snow and made it impossible to see the storm brewing outside so that they couldn't see the current weather situation, was there not a single meteorologist on campus to highlight Environment Canada's warnings?

Some students looked back on better days, when they were young and snow days actually existed. 

All I can say is: welcome to adulthood, my dears.

If snow days don't exist in university, they certainly don't exist in the "real world."

(I mean, they do. But they're called sick days and you only get like three a year... so choose wisely.)

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