Montreal Wants To Completely Redevelop The Old Port's Iconic Silo No. 5 Site

Calls for submissions for Silo 5 are now open.
Montreal Wants To Completely Redevelop The Old Port's Iconic Silo No. 5 Site

After being closed for over 25 years, Silo 5, the Old Port's emblematic building, is getting an update.

After decades of failed plans and promises, the monolithic structure, a monument to Montreal's industrial past, may finally be on its way to a major transformation. The site's owner, the Société immobilière du Canada (SIC), seems to be taking renovation plans seriously and is appealing to the public for ideas.

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TL;DR The owners of the Pointe-du-Moulin, the Société immobilière du Canada (SIC), has sent out a call for submissions to revitalise the emblematic Silo 5. 

A call for submissions opened this morning. Organizers of the revitalisation project hope that Silo 5 will be the center of a new, "mixed-use" district, which will revitalise that Pointe-du-Moulin district. Depending on the chosen project, it will be a place where tourist attractions, hotels, shops, and restaurants will create an energetic hub.

The evaluation stage of the project is set to take about 7 months, after which a specialised committee composed of experts in urban planning and heritage protection will review projects and make a recommendation.

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Silo 5 used to store grain, when the Old Port was a hub for commerce and industrial activity. Since its abandonment it has been the joy of "urban explorers," many of whom have filmed themselves exploring the building, usually illegally. Trespassing on the property is forbidden and potentially dangerous.

The Silo is composed of three separate builings, which are linked together by bridges. It makes up half of the Pointe-du-Moulin. Silo 5 has been up for demolition in the past, but conservation group Héritage Montréal has fought hard to preserve the landmark. 

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Many have entertained the idea of renovating the site, including the Musée d'Art Contemporain, but nothing concrete had every materialised. Let us hope that, this time, a proposal will be accepted.

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