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Montreal May Get Hit With A Record Cold In The Upcoming Days

And a little snow as the cherry on top.
Montreal May Get Hit With A Record Cold In The Upcoming Days

Since most of us are spending our time cooped up inside our apartments right now, a solo walk is probably what's keeping the majority of us sane. The blessing and curse of the province being on pause right now are that we have the time to think about every little aspect of our lives. And, as us locals all know, Montreal weather typically plays a big role in our day to day — with all of its ups and downs.

Even if we're spending our days inside, there are still many ways for the weather to affect us. Grey clouds make our apartments look sad, while sunny days lift all the plants in our room back up to a happy state.

It seems that weather in Quebec is not what it usually is in April, so a cold record could be broken in Montreal this Wednesday, April 22.

And to top it off, snow could even fall in some parts of Quebec.

Temperature well below seasonal normals and notable winds will make the feeling of cold even more intense starting this Monday, April 20.

That's one way to make sure we all stay inside for 4/20...

For those of you who have noticed already the unusualness of this April temperature, Météomédia put of our feelings into words.

"If the sensation of cold is very real, the strong wind contributes to the feeling, which becomes downright unpleasant."

[rebelmouse-image 26885676 photo_credit="The Weather Network" expand=1 original_size="807x598"] The Weather Network

And these words are what we should be expecting to feel outside come Wednesday, April 22.

This upcoming Wednesday, during the middle of the day, it could be 4 C in the city.

According to MétéoMédia, the coldest record for an April 22 that this Wednesday is going to be up against is that of 1993, which was 3.1 C.

And April 22, 2020, could end up feeling like -1 C with the cold winds.

As if that wasn't enough, this drop in temperature could be accompanied by snowfall in several regions.

As MétéoMédia put it, "snow has not said its last word in Quebec."

Up until April 24, there's a risk of snow coming to Quebec.

[rebelmouse-image 26885677 photo_credit="M\u00e9t\u00e9oM\u00e9dia | Official Website" expand=1 original_size="1136x640"] MétéoMédia | Official Website

For the southern part of the province, including Montreal, the risk is rather low and no accumulation should fill the ground.

But, of course, nothing is for sure.

So, use this time to find activities to do at home, while you wait for summer to finally make its way to our city.

This article was originally published in French on Narcity Québec.

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