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Montreal Weather Forecast Shows 60% Chance Of Snow
  • Environment Canada is officially calling for snow in Montreal this week.
  • The long-range forecast includes the chance of snow/rain on Wednesday and the chance of real flurries on Saturday and Sunday.
  • Take a look at the weekly forecast below.

It's looking like we're going to see the first real stretch of snow in Montreal this week as Environment Canada is forecasting flurries for a couple days this week, two of which show a 60% chance... So, the odds are officially in snow's favour. 

Some people may have spotted some flakes coming down in the city this past weekend, but next weekend Environment Canada is calling for real, full-on flurries... So, it might be time to get your winter tires on — even if it is a couple of weeks ahead of schedule.

For anyone who was out during the Halloween 2.0 storm on Friday, November 1, you maybe have caught a glimpse of a couple flakes here and there. Some people spotted snow yesterday, November 3 as well.

Now, this week, Environment Canada is showing the potential for snow on Wednesday night, as well as the very likely chance of snow on Saturday and Sunday, with a 60% chance of flurries during the day and periods of snow throughout the night.

Temperatures will also be dropping steadily this week, with the high dropping from 9 C tomorrow down to -1 C by Friday. 

Take a look at the weekly forecast below.

Below is the forecast provided by Environment Canada for this coming week in Montreal. 

[rebelmouse-image 26888631 alt="Forecast Shows 60% Chance Of Snow In Montreal This Week" photo_credit="Environment Canada " expand=1 original_size="1153x356"] Environment Canada

As you can see, Wednesday calls for "snow or rain," as the night temperature drops to -1 C.

Then, by Saturday, Environment Canada indicates there is a "chance of flurries," on Saturday and Sunday, with the probability of precipitation reaching 60%.

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Below you can see that the weather app on this person's iPhone also indicates that this weekend is going to be Montreal's first really snowy weekend, with snow potentially continuing into next week. 

Although there were some flocons visible during that intense and windy Halloween 2.0 storm that happened on Friday of last week, as is seen in the Twitter video above, it wasn't enough to count as a real snowfall if you ask me.

Yes, several people were sad to see the snow arriving this past weekend in Montreal.

According to the YUL Weather Records above, the first true snowfall happened yesterday on November 3, so perhaps those Halloween flakes were a bit of a fake-out?

At least we can be grateful to not have had snow on September 20, which is the current record for the earliest first snow in Montreal, which happened in 1977.

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