Montreal Weather This Weekend Is Going To Be Super Cold & Snowy With 40 km/h Winds

It's going to feel like -29 today and -25 tomorrow.
Montreal Weather This Weekend Is Going To Be Super Cold & Snowy With 40 km/h Winds
  • While it feels like we've had a pretty mild winter thus far, Montreal weather is about to get serious this weekend.
  • The wind chill has it feeling like -29 today and -25 tomorrow as 40 km/h winds are set to whip through the city.
  • On top of that, we're expected to see up to 15 cm of snow between Saturday and Sunday.

So far this winter, Montreal weather has felt relatively mild. We're already halfway through January and we've only had a couple days where it's felt especially cold. Unfortunately, today marks the end of that. It's going to feel like -29 today and -25 tomorrow in Montreal, so get ready to bundle up if you want to avoid the risk of frostbite.

The current temperature in Montreal is -19 but thanks to the wind chill it feels at least 10 degrees colder. According to Environment Canada, the current wind chill factor is -29.

As the temperature eases up throughout the day to -12C, the wind chill will feel more like -19... but later tonight as the temperature drops again, the wind chill is going to be back down to -24. 

If you've got big plans for this Friday or Saturday night, make sure your full winter gear is part of your outfit - you might look like a kid on Halloween, but at least you'll be warm.

In addition to the super cold temperatures, Environment Canada has also issued a Special Weather Statement due to incoming snow.

A low pressure system will "track across Southern Quebec and is expected to bring 10 to 15 centimetres of snow between Saturday afternoon and Sunday afternoon."

Take a look at the forecast below.

Here's the weekend forecast for Montreal, provided by Environment Canada.

They note that the wind is currently whipping through the city at 20 km/h and even when it eases up this afternoon, the wind chill factor of -19 poses a real "risk of frostbite."

[rebelmouse-image 26887306 alt="Montreal Weather This Weekend Is Going To Be Super Cold & Snowy" photo_credit="Environment Canada" expand=1 original_size="539x370"] Environment Canada

On Saturday, the snow will start in the afternoon and the wind will kick up from 20 km/h to 40 km/h, making the wind chill reach -25.

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The Special Weather Statement issued for Montreal and several other regions in Southern Quebec indicates that snow and blowing snow over the weekend could cause "poor visibility."

This, of course, could cause "road conditions to deteriorate and make travel difficult," so be careful if you need to hop in the car this weekend.

The incoming low pressure system, arriving on Saturday, is expected to bring anywhere from 10-15 centimetres of snow between Saturday and Sunday.

Combined with strong winds, Environment Canada warns that "local blowing snow, especially over exposed terrain," can pose safety concerns.

Montreal is not the only region under a Special Weather Statement or even a Weather Warning in Southern Quebec.

The regions marked in red above are currently under an Extreme Cold Warning, as wind chill values reach -40 today.

The regions marked in grey are under the same Special Weather Statement as Montreal. Environment Canada is warning citizens in those regions to prepare for the incoming snow and potential hazards of blowing snow as strong winds continue.

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