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It's Going To Feel A Lot Like Spring This Weekend In Montreal

Who's ready for cabane à sucre season?!
Montreal Weather This Weekend: It's Going To Feel A Lot Like Spring
  • It's been pretty cold lately, but Montreal weather this weekend is on the up.
  • Temperatures are going to rise this weekend making it actually feel like the beginning of spring!
  • Take a look at the full forecast below.

We've been working through a bit of a cold snap the past week or so, with Montreal weather delivering some cold temperatures that have been made even colder thanks to our dear friend, wind chill. On top of that, the blowing snow that has been making its way throughout Quebec has managed to cause two severe pile-ups, one on the Autoroute 10 and the other on the Autoroute 15 yesterday.

The snow managed to decrease visibility so drastically, that in both accidents there were dozens of vehicles implicated, including cars, trucks, SUVs and 18-wheelers.

Luckily, we're looking at much clearer, sunnier days ahead.

And, even better, the temperature is going to climb up and out of the negatives this weekend, meaning it may start to really feel like spring.

For a little while, anyway.

We're still at least a week or so away from real cabane à sucre season and the weather it brings, we're at least going to start to get a taste of the warmer weather this weekend.

Take a look at the full Montreal forecast for this weekend and the beginning of next week, below!

Here's the forecast for the rest of this week and the weekend in Montreal, according to Environment Canada.

The colder temperatures are going to hang on until the end of the week, but the weekend is going to feel much balmier, even without the sun.

[rebelmouse-image 26886731 photo_credit="Envrionment Canada" expand=1 original_size="676x442"] Envrionment Canada

Yes, the only downside to this weekend forecast is the non-stop cloudiness, it's true.

But I think I would take a cloudy day at 3°C over a sunny one at -10°C any day.

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More good news: we won't be plunged back into the cold next week, either.

Though the clouds look like they're going to persist, so get your sun in today and tomorrow while it's available to you.

[rebelmouse-image 26886732 photo_credit="Environment Canada" expand=1 original_size="509x439"] Environment Canada

It also looks like we're in for some more snow next week, as well.

Though, Environment Canada will not have estimated snowfall amounts until we're much closer to the day. For now, all we know is that there's a 60% chance we'll be seeing the fluffy white stuff at some point between Tuesday and Wednesday.

So what can you do to make the most of this warm weekend in Montreal?

Well, we have some suggestions!

Check out our weekly "Things to do this Weekend" list for activities going down this weekend in particular.

Or head to MTL Blog's Things To Do tab where you can see a whole array of suggestions for events, activities and more in Montreal and across the province!

Whatever you choose, I hope it's great. Have an awesome weekend, Montreal!

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