Montreal Will Fine You Up To $127 For Riding An Uber JUMP Bike Without A Helmet

No, they don't have rental helmets.
Montreal Will Fine You Up To $127 For Riding An Uber JUMP Bike Without A Helmet

If you saw our announcement last week, then you know that Montreal is Canada's first city to get the new electric Uber JUMP bikes.

The ride-sharing super giant has rolled into the bike-sharing lane previously dominated in Montreal by BIXI.

The major difference, of course, is that JUMP bikes are powered by an electric motor, meaning your ride up rue Berri is liekly to be a lot easier on a JUMP bike...

That is, if you have a helmet.

While many cities already have helmet laws in place, Montreal currently does not require cyclists to wear helmets while riding through the city. 

JUMP bikes are different, though, in that they can reach speeds up to 32 km/h.

For this reason, it is currently mandatory to wear a helmet when using the motorized bikes. If you are caught using a JUMP bike without a helmet, police are likely to pull you over and if they do, you'll be handed an $80 fine that also comes with $47 in administrative fees.

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MTL Blog's very own Alex Melki was present on JUMP's launch day, giving the new motorized bikes a try. Check it out in the video below!

During their launch, Uber did give away a hundred free helmets to future JUMP users. However, the major issue evident here is the number of tourists that are likely to take advantage of this awesome ride-sharing option... chances are they won't have a helmet on them.

And it probably doesn't need to be said, but helmet sharing? No thanks.

This seems to be a bit of a pickle for Uber, as I don't see a gleaming solution at the end of the tunnel. 

Until all cyclists are required to wear helmets, I think it will be hard to ensure that renters using the motorized bikes have a helmet on them before renting. And that doesn't solve the problem of tourists who will likely never have a helmet on them.

If you do own a helmet and want to give them a try, though, be sure to head to their site for more information!Click here for details on parking rules and click here for safety tips.

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