Montreal Wind Storm Knocks Down Trees & Tears Up Roofs (Photos & Videos)

The weather outside continues to be downright frightening as Montreal's Halloween storm continues into its second day. Yesterday Montrealers were faced with the reality of Halloween being completely rained out, so mayor Valérie Plante suggested that we postpone the whole event for a day with weather better suited to wandering the streets in costume.

Now, we're faced with that rain-check day and it is not looking any more inviting out there. In fact, things may have actually gotten more dangerous for pedestrians and drivers, alike.

Environment Canada issued a wind warning for the Montreal and surrounding areas yesterday, alongside their rainfall warning. However, the wind didn't pick up until early this morning and by now has been raging pretty much all day.

So, while we were spared the wind last night in conjunction with the rain, it seems the wind was determined to make a mark today.

Trees have also managed to take down power lines, along with the 100 km/hr wind, causing nearly one-million Hydro-Québec clients to be without power for several hours.

Countless trees are down across Montreal, with just as many parked cars facing the brunt of the damage.

Fallen trees smash several cars in Montreal Halloween storm

Bus shelter smashed by fallen tree in Montreal Halloween storm

Although, the video above shows that even STM bus shelters aren't safe from the falling trees. 

The videos of this day in Montreal feel almost apocalyptic, with so many trees completely uprooted and cars squashed.

Which raises the question.... is tonight safer than yesterday for children to be wandering the streets?

Yesterday was definitely miserable, but it wasn't nearly as dangerous a what we're seeing today.

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In addition to trees being uprooted and smashing things, the wind has also taken to tearing up buildings directly.

Roof damaged in Montreal Halloween storm

Photos & Videos Of Damage Caused By The Montreal Halloween Storm @cyrcdesign

The roof of this church is hanging on by a prayer (sorry) and we hope that it was safely removed before it flew off and hit anything or anyone.

People across Quebec are now simply waiting for the wind to die down so that emergency response teams can finally address all the damage and start to make repairs.

Hydro-Québec will likely be out in full-force for the next day or two as crews attempt to right fallen power lines, and fire teams across the province are helping other individuals who are facing dangerous damage.

If you have damage to your property that isn't life-threatening, avoid calling 911 and instead get in touch with your own personal insurance company.

Stay safe Montreal!