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12 Montreal Winter Date Ideas Under $20 That Give You No Reason To Stay Inside

You don't need to spend a lot to make a good impression!
12 Montreal Winter Date Ideas Under $20 That Give You No Reason To Stay Inside

You don’t need to break the bank to have an amazing date. Montreal is a city that is filled with amazing and affordable things to do. And, many forget that during the winter the city is still hopping with date options. This is why MTL Blog has created a list of the perfect Montreal winter date ideas that cost under $20. 

The dating game can get pretty expensive and at the end of the day, finding love isn’t about that. Remember, relationships are not based on the price of a date. A date is special because of the time shared between two people - the laughs had and little moments are what ends up being remembered.

Just because you're on a budget, as most of us are, doesn’t mean that you can’t go on a memorable date - especially in a city like Montreal!

Winter dates can sometimes be tricky but have no fear because MTL Blog is here. This list is jam-packed with adorable, affordable and unique dates to be had all throughout the city during the dreaded, cold months of winter. And, the best part of all, they are all under $20.

We all know the struggle that comes with being an "adult," the bills, the groceries, rent... But, put those stresses aside for a night and take some special out for a fun evening on the town!

Pig Out At Lloydies

Where: 66 Rue Saint Viateur O & 2145 Rue Crescent

Lloydies is one of those restaurants that you become addicted to instantly. The Caribbean flavours combined with the warm atmosphere and cool staff allow eaters to feel like they're in an authentic Jamaican restaurant.

From the $3 Jamaican patties and $4 mac and cheese to the $12 jerk chicken served with sides and the mouthwatering chicken wings, there is truly no other place in the city that does Caribbean food quite like them.

Get Late Night Bagels 

Bagels are a Montreal staple and two locations have been in competition since what feels like the beginning of time. Whether you like St.Viateur or Fairmount, one thing is certain, bagels in our city are awesome.

One of my favourite dates is going to get fresh bagels and some cream cheese and getting to know someone over something so affordable and delicious. This simple date gives you and your companion an opportunity to connect with one another while eating a fresh warm bagel.

Is there anything more Montreal than having a bagel date at 2 a.m.? I don’t think so!

Go To A Shooting Range

Where: 5186 Queen Mary; Tir du Soleil

Tir du Soleil is a great spot in Montreal where willing participants have the chance to shoot Air Rifles from a 6-meter shooting range.

Shooters get unlimited pellets and there are interactive targets to aim for.

You can book a spot for 30 minutes, which will cost you $9.95 or if you want to ball out, you can book for the hour, which will put you back $14.95.

This may not seem like the most romantic date, but I can assure you that it is really fun, which is what makes a good date, right?

Watch Planes Land At Louks Brewery

Where: 777 Avenue Lajoie; Louks Brewery

This adorable taproom and brewery are one of the most original and charming dates you can go on.

This brewery has a ton of in-house beers on tap and the adorable décor and stacks of board games to play will instantly make you feel right at home.

Not only is the beer full of flavour and well priced, but the Montreal based staff behind the paper plane logo pride themselves on their ability to connect with their clients.

And, as a bonus, you can even see planes landing into our city.

Stroll Through A Museum

We live in a city that is crawling with museums, and some of them are even free to get into.

Museums are a great way of spending time with someone. Not only will it get you out of the cold, but it will allow you to connect with one another through art.

You can learn a lot about a person by roaming through a museum with them. For example, you can find out about their taste in art, their knowledge of history (or lack of), and if they are a slow walker or a fast walker, which may not seem important at first but trust me in the long run it is!

Not only is this an awesome date idea, but it's also affordable. The prices vary based on which museum you go to. If you're a student, you will always get a student discount, which is always helpful!

Hop On A Trampoline

Where: 77 Brunswick Blvd; Sky Tag

One ingredient that always seems to make for an awesome date is doing something that brings out your inner child - and trampolines have a way of doing that.

Sky Tag is a destination that will give any adult the illusion of being a kid again. If you want to show off your trampoline skills, it will cost you $10.99 for 30 minutes and $14.99 for 60 minutes.

This inexpensive and amusing date will give you and your guest the chance to let go of all your worries and literally jump into each other's arms.

Visit The Stunning St. Joseph's Oratory

St. Joseph's Oratory is one of my favourite places in all of Montreal. The majestic aura of this building leaves you feeling filled with joy.

You don’t need to be Catholic or believe in religion to enjoy the beauty of this Montreal monument.

There is even a secret garden that will blow your mind. The only problem is that it is a bit of a walk. But, if you are brave enough to check it out in the winter, you will see how truly romantic it is.

Build A Snowman & Drink Hot Chocolate

Building a snowman cost nothing and is one of the most endearing dates you can ever go on.

Growing up, I used to love building snowmen, but as I got older I just stopped playing in the snow.

Last year, after a huge snowstorm I decided I was going to enjoy all the white fluff. My husband filled up a thermos with hot chocolate and the two of us, reconnected to the kid living inside of us while building a snowman.

Outside the building, there were a few snowball fights, a couple of snow angels made and a ton of snowy kisses shared. Yes, it was as perfect as it sounds, and it cost almost nothing.

Try Some Of Cinko's Dishes

Where: 1641 Rue St-Denis

Cinko is one of those places that was designed for dates. The colourful eatery serves up tasty and eclectic tavern-style dishes that are all priced under $10.

My personal favourite plates are the nachos and the burger, but I must say their Cobb salad is pretty delicious also.

Dishes vary from $6.95 to $9.95 and deserts will cost you $5.95, making this the perfect spot for an affordable date.

Go Bowling Together

Bowling is and will always be my favourite cheap date activity. As someone who is slightly competitive, I always loved going on a date where I can challenge both myself and the person I'm with.

Bowling is one of those classic activities that we tend to forget about. But, when you play, you're reminded of why this sport is loved by so many.

From the funky shoes to the cheap cost, bowling is a great date night option, especially during the winter!

Check Out Cité Memoire

This neighbourhood-wide art piece can be found projected throughout Old Montreal. The goal of this production is to bring our city’s past back to life.

You and your date can roam through the picturesque streets of Old Montreal and witness gorgeous images come to life in a theatrical display.

Usually, I would recommend staying away from dark alleys on a date, but this is an exception as these alleyways and buildings transform, magically, right in front of your eyes.

And, best of all, it's free!

Stroll Through The Atwater Christmas Market

Walking through the Atwater Market is one of those winter dates that make you feel as though you are the star in your very own Hallmark Christmas movie.

As you roam through the market, you will stumble upon countless vendors selling their goodies. Some of the most popular items for sale are baked goods, jam and of course, Christmas ornaments.

This space transforms into a magical Christmas wonderland, which makes it ideal for a romantic winter date. And, you can bring your dog along, in case you need back up!

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