Montreal Woke Up To Over 35cm Of Snow This Morning (Photos)

There's snowplace like home.
Montreal Woke Up To Over 35cm Of Snow This Morning (Photos)

For the last 2 days Environment Canadahas been warning us that a huge snowstorm was heading towards Montreal, and it looks like they weren't kidding. Montreal was supposed to be hit be with 25-40cm of snow and the predications were pretty close! The blowing definitely spread the snow out a little unevenly, but most of the island woke up to between 30 and 37cm of snow.

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We actuallybroke the snowfall record for February 13th. The previous record goes all the way back to 1993 when 32.2cm of snow fell over Montreal.

Most schools are closed this morning and the snow removal operations are set to take several days. But if you need a happy thought to cheer yourself up on this most challenging of days, think about this: On this day in 1963 there were 76cm centimeters of snow on the ground in Montreal.

I guessed we've gotten a lot better at snow removal over the years.
Here are 20 photos of all the snowy chaos in Montreal this morning.

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