Canadian Woman Breaks World Record For Longest Ever Plank After Enduring Over 4 Hours (Video)

Montrealer, Dana Glowacka is the new world record holder for Longest Abdominal Female Plank.
Canadian Woman Breaks World Record For Longest Ever Plank After Enduring Over 4 Hours (Video)

Montreal native Dana Glowacka has just broken the world record for the longest ever plank by a woman. Holding her position for 4 hours and 20 minutes, Glowacka powered beyond the previous record of 3 hours and 30 minutes, according to CTV News.

According to her website, Glowacka is a "fitness enthusiast" with "experience in fitness training" and "Yoga/Ashtanga/Yin-Yoga." She has participated in several plank challenges.

"The mindset goal is the number and if you can, you push a little more!" she says of her plank marathons. "I’m gonna make my son proud, sending a message to the world that everything is in the mindset and practice, practice, practice..."

Glowacka has posted several videos of her latest feat to Instagram. "So grateful for the witnesses support and success we all enjoyed with a New World Record for the Longest Abdominal Female Plank hold for 4 hours and 20 minutes," she writes in one post.

You can see the final moments of her record-breaking plank in the videos below. A crowd of dozens looks on to cheer her while several people pull out their phones to capture the historic moment.

"Just do it, do it right, train for it, and believe in yourself... for a stronger, healthier and happier life."

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"My body experience at the ending line of 4 hours, 20 minutes a New World Record for a 'Longest Female Abdominal Plank,'" she captions the video below, which demonstrates the physical exertion and focus required to maintain her plank.

Glowacka returns to Montreal a local hero. We have reached out to her for comment on her incredible accomplishment and will update this article with a response when get get one! Congrats, Dana!

You can follow her on Instagram here and read more on her website here.