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Montreal Daredevil Casually Dragged By STM Bus On Sherbrooke Will Likely Get $1,000+ Fine

The STM called the act "dangerous and deplorable."
Montreal Woman Casually Dragged By STM Bus On Sherbrooke Will Likely Get $1,000+ Fine
  • A viral video shows a Montreal woman holding on to the bumper of an STM bus as it drags her down Sherbrooke.
  • The STM and SPVM are investigating and a police spokesperson tells MTL Blog that the individual could receive over $1,000 in fines.
  • See the video below.

A now-viral video shared to the public Facebook page Spotted STM shows a truly fearless Montreal woman hanging on to the back of an STM #24 bus as it travels west on Sherbrooke, crossing avenue du Parc. The woman in the video is laying on her back holding on to the underside of the bus' back bumper as it drives along the snowy road at normal and therefore reasonably quick speed. She seems pretty unperturbed, even taking the time to readjust her toque with her free hand while being dragged by the bus.

The original video was shared by the daredevil herself on her public Instagram page, cass.officiel. It starts with Cass already hanging on to the back of the bus, so we can assume she just latched on when the bus was at a stop and decided to take a ride.

The video, captioned, "Quand tu rates le bus 😂🚎 When you miss your bus 😂🚌," now has well over 1,000 comments on the Facebook page Spotted STM and over 90,000 views on Cass' Instagram page.

See the video below.

This isn't Cass' first public stunt, either. She chronicles her acts on her Insta feed.

On New Year's Day, she posted this video of herself tubing behind the back of a vehicle, setting off fireworks and spinning frighteningly fast in a snowy parking lot.

So there's no doubt this girl likes to get her adrenaline pumping.

Though, comments on the Spotted STM Facebook post, seen below, go between tears of laughter and angry finger waving. 

One chastises the Facebook group saying, "Such a bad idea to show this... to give the idea to carefree young people to do it. The Admin of this page didn't think further than their nose by posting this. I would rather it was sent to the SPVM."

Another admits it was done a little differently back in the day, saying, "A little different than we did, we skied rather than slide on our backs."

But most comments were in the spirit of the original caption, implying this is the kind of behaviour necessary to navigate the STM:

"When your driver closes the door in your face because it's past his break... no choice."

"When you run so you don't miss the bus, but the driver ignores you and pretends he didn't see you."

The danger is obvious, but one commenter made the point that it could have further consequences for passengers:

"[The STM] will be forced to install cameras on all vehicles and... it will increase the cost of passages and... the world will cry... all because of you. Not to mention the fact that you will surely be killed by doing what you do. Zero judgment."

We reached out to the STM who responded saying, "We are indeed aware of the broadcast of this video. No such incident has been reported to us by a driver or the like. However, this behaviour is completely deplorable and dangerous.

"People who commit such acts are exposed to stiff fines (given by the SPVM, our inspectors do not have this power), under the road safety code, in addition to putting their lives at risk."

The SPVM let us know that there is currently an investigation ongoing with the collisions unit, not because there was a collision but because they are most familiar with the Highway Safety Code, which addresses "car surfing."

SPVM relationist Caroline Chèvrefils explained that car surfing, in general, can result in fines between $1,000 and $3,000 as well as 12 demerit points. For this instance, in particular, a collisions unit officer told Chèvrefils the fine would be $1,546 as well as the 12 points.

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