Montrealer Antoni Porowski Is Sharing 'Quarantine Cooking Lessons' On Instagram (Video)

For everyone stuck at home with no supplies or cooking skills.
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Montrealer Antoni Porowski Is Sharing 'Quarantine Cooking Lessons' On Instagram (Video)
  • Montreal native and Queer Eye star Antoni Porowski is sharing "Quarantine Cooking Lessons" on Instagram.
  • His goal is to help people who are stuck at home and whose grocery stores are picked clean by panic-buyers.

Perhaps the biggest question facing Montrealers in self-quarantine: "What will I eat?" As the city's social and food scene comes to a grinding halt and panic-buying empties local grocery store (and SQDC) shelves, many are trapped at home with few supplies and — spoiled by the city's thousands of restaurants — no cooking skills. That's why Montreal native and Queer Eye chef Antoni Porowski is taking to Instagram to sharing "Cooking Lessons in Quarantine."

"This is going to be a series of cooking demonstrations," the Netflix star says at the beginning of episode one, titled "The Keep Calm-lette."

He explains that he "went to the grocery stores today and I really wanted to make huevos rancheros"

"And as I was walking through I realized there were so many ingredients that weren't there. And I know that's something that everyone is experiencing."

"It dawned on me that I think a lot of people in the country and the world are actually going through this right now."

"But we're stuck at home so we might as well still be able to prepare good food that's good for us and that makes us feel good."

As its title suggests, episode one shows Antoni preparing an omelette using ingredients that are still available in stores and that he recommends become quarantine go-to's.

"Everybody should be stocking up on canned beans," he says, for example.

Another versatile item that will come in handy: eggs. "They are high in Omega-3s. Don't throw out the yokes because they are delicious and they're really good for you."

In addition to advice specific to the current coronavirus outbreak, Porowski shares some techniques to achieve the perfect omelette in any circumstance.

"I'm so happy with myself. This one came out perfect," he says at the video's end.

In the comments, he suggests that another "Quarantine Cooking Lesson" episode is coming out tomorrow.

One fan's message of thanks pretty well captures the sentiment shared among all the commenters: "Omg love that! The only cooking I've done so far is make funfetti cake and kraft mac n' cheese."

Unfortunately, Kraft Dinner isn't gonna get us through this one.

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