Montrealers Are Organizing The "Biggest Virtual 4/20 Event In Canada"

And we got an exclusive interview with them!
Montrealers Are Organizing The "Biggest Virtual 4/20 Event In Canada"

These days the smallest of reasons can now be a reason to celebrate. Brushed your hair? Margaritas! But for some, April 20, lovingly known as 4/20, is enough of a reason to party; the day has long been known to marijuana lovers as a day to embrace, smoke, and salute cannabis culture. And while many of us may have spent the last few weeks unknowingly preparing for this event, an online 4/20 event is being led by Montrealers to make sure nobody has to celebrate it alone — even while we all continue to practice social distancing.

Montreal is no stranger to digital parties, the first online nightclub even popped up a few weeks ago. But what about the cannabis culture kids? 

Well, a group aptly named 514 has stepped in to create what they are calling the "biggest virtual 4/20 event in Canada" and it's all going down in Montreal.

"Quarantine shouldn't stop the 514 community from celebrating 4/20 together," they remind us.

The virtual party will stream via Facebook Live on April 20 at 4:20 p.m. sharp and will run for two hours. The event is open to Canadians 21 years old and over. There will be Montreal artists featured as well as musicians, comics and some surprises in store. 

We spoke with the group to find out which artists will be there, how the party will work, and what guests can expect. 

What made you decide to put this party together?

The COVID-19 crisis has every Montrealer secluded in their house, separated from friends and family members.

Loneliness is settling, and as April 20 approaches, it's safe to wonder how this universal gathering moment for the cannabis culture is going to be celebrated in Montreal?

Quarantine shouldn't stop the 514 community from celebrating 4/20 together!

Can you walk us through the event?

"At 4:20pm on April 20th, our event will go live on Facebook, bringing together Montrealers and Canadians from all backgrounds, for 2hours of celebration, live performances, humour, and surprises."

Can you give us any info as to the artists, comedians, or musicians?

 The first confirmed set of artists includes Adamo Marinacci (Gros Big) and Snail Kid (From Dead Obies). Many more will be confirmed over the next couple of days.

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What should guests be ready for?

Lots of fun, their first 4/20 online celebration, people smoking cannabis, laughs, and more!

What do you hope to accomplish with the event?

We wish to create a space to promote a culture of positivity and inclusiveness, although everybody is confined at home. We will also use this event to feature Montreal artists and craftsmen that need a bit of love during those special times!

What else should party-goers know beforehand?

Have your joints ready and rolled for a good show! People from the public might be featured during the show if they want to so be ready to party and have fun. Most importantly…#STAYHOME !!!

The "Biggest Virtual 4/20 Event In Canada"

When: April 20, 4 p.m. – 6 p.m.

Where: The Facebook live will be available here.

Only the hosts can see who puts "going" or "interested" in the event, so how many people end up participating from their homes will be an exciting surprise!

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