Montrealers Can't Stop Praising Ex-Mayor Denis Coderre & His Incredible Fitness Journey

Is the former mayor planning a return to politics?
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Denis Coderre and Justin Trudeau

It's rare that a former Mayor of Montreal get so much love online, considering how many former mayors have a bad reputation. Denis Coderre wasn't a perfect mayor, but he certainly wasn't the classic combo of corrupt and ignorant, like many other former Montreal mayors.

In-office for five years between 2013 and 2017, Coderre's run as Mayor of Montreal wasn't without controversy. His infamous citywide pit bull ban caught heat from the general public and his theatrical personality was seen by some as unfit for an elected official.

After losing to Valérie Plante in 2017, Coderre stepped away from politics and today, the former mayor works in France as an Urban Mobility consultant for Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile. He's been quite busy with another project as well: personal fitness.

Early this year, the Montreal Gazettecaught up with the former mayor and found that he's dropped over 100 pounds from his once 300-pound girth. Once a lover of Montreal Pool Room steamies, Coderre is now a fitness junkie — biking, boxing, squatting, and training his way to a svelte physique. 

At 55 years old, Coderre is an inspiration to those who are on their own fitness journeys, proving it's never too late to work on your personal health goals! 

Denis Coderre's weight loss has been highly publicized throughout the year. His journey began last year and he's been at it ever since. 

At a charity event this February, Coderre revealed his new physique to the surprise of many. 

Cycling isn't the only way that Coderre got fit. He's a huge boxing fan and trains three times a week with professional boxing coaches. He even had a training session with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. 

Could he be preparing for another run for Mayor of Montreal? Perhaps. But Coderre is cagey on those details. According to his Twitter feed, his future is uncertain. Still, Coderre seems to be living his best life.

Whatever the future holds for Coderre, Montrealers are loving his new lease on life.

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A ton of congratulations and praise have come his way in recent months thanks to his inspiring fitness journey. 

Translation:Having lost 90 pounds myself, your transformation is spectacular. Bravo for your tenacity and courage. One hour of daily activity is only 4% of a day! Go go go!

You are an inspiration for me, who after having overcome difficult moments, decided to take charge: 23 pounds less, a trainer and a great sense of pride!

Coderre seems to be playing along, too.

Bravo M. Coderre, your transformation is magnificent and your smile says it all!

Coderre's journey has apparently been an inspiration for many Montrealers to begin their own transformations. It's proof that you don't need to be young to begin a fitness quest. Coderre proves that no matter what, it's never too late for you if you're dedicated to changing your lifestyle. 

This outpouring of support and admiration indicates a change in public perception after a sometimes-controversial tenure as mayor.

If he's planning another foray into politics, Coderre would do well to strike while the iron is hot.

One thing is certain, as Valérie Plante completes her second year as Mayor of Montreal, she'll be taking stock of all potential opponents. 

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