You Can Still Experience Montreal's Full 24 Hours Of Vinyl Event Until 9 p.m. Tonight

Montreal got to experience its Nuit Blanche yesterday, February 29, which involved 16 bars serve alcohol until 6 a.m., the annual Art Souterrain, and a ton of other free things to do. But, it's not fully over yet! There is still one Nuit Blanche event going on until 9 p.m. tonight, March 1 — Montreal's "24 Hours of Vinyl."

The name basically gives the gist of it away: different vinyl DJs come on every hour, which is being hosted by "Music Is My Sanctuary."

The event began as a celebration for all things vinyl, as well as DJ culture at large, and you can go celebrate those two things in Montreal today!

The DJs spinning during this event are all from Montreal, meaning you're supporting local artists when you attend, which makes the event all that much cooler.

You can even live stream the entire thing right here — just in case you're a huge fan of vinyl sounds, but can't find it in you to leave the house today.

On top of all of this, there is also a record sale happening at the venue from now until 9 p.m. tonight. This is all going down at Agora de la danse, located at 1435, rue de Bleury #102.

In the "About Us" section on the website, we learn that "Created in 2011 by the Music Is My Sanctuary team in Montreal, the 24 Hours Of Vinyl is a daylong music marathon and love letter to the vinyl format and DJ culture."

"24HOV celebrates local musicology, vinyl collecting, and the DJ scenes of different cities by travelling around the world, and has since hosted over 200 DJs worldwide."

The DJ lineup for the remainder of the event is as follows:

2 p.m. Kobal
3 p.m. Andy Williams
4 p.m. Killa Jewel
5 p.m. Canicule Tropicale
6 p.m. Silktits
7 p.m. Seb Fauteux
8 p.m. Lexis

Whether or not you've heard these DJs before matters very little — go out to Agora de la danse to support local artists!

24 Hours of Vinyl

Where: 1435, rue de Bleury #102; Agora de la danse

When: From now until 9 p.m. tonight (March 1)

What: A full-day event of vinyl DJs exhibiting their talents, along with a record sale.


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