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Montreal's Air Commune Outdoor Co-Working Bar & Terrasse Isn't Coming Back This Year

The Borough has the space under "consultations."
Montreal's Air Commune Outdoor Co-Working Bar & Terrasse Isn't Coming Back This Year

Montreal's "unconventional alternative to the office" in Mile End, Aire Commune, will not be back this summer, which means you're going to have to find another hip outdoor co-working space where you can take in the golden hour and sip a beer as you network and finish up your last e-mails of the day. Luckily for us, Aire Commune still has our back with Green haüs and Nouvelle Vague, which will both be up and running as the weather changes.

The popular event space is on hiatus for 2020 as the Plateau-Mont-Royal borough has decided to "hold consultations this summer on the future of the vacant space located at 5705 De Gaspé."

Aire Commune made the announcement today, saying that it was with a "heavy but hopeful" heart that the group Îlot 84, who organizes the space, has decided to "take a break," and "concentrate all its efforts in 2020 on the development of the two other sites [...] Nouvelle Vague and Green haüs."

They also want to ensure everyone not to panic, as it seems they have something very big planned for Montrealers in 2021.

The Aire Commune website states that "it is with great regret that we have to announce that Aire commune is to take a break in the summer of 2020, in order to come back in full force for the summer of 2021!"

In a post on Facebook, the organization sympathizes with lovers of the unique co-working space made of shipping containers where there was free wi-fi, a cafe and bar, plants, and more.

"We know, it breaks our hearts too..." the post reads.

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Organizers are also encouraging lovers of the space to direct their questions and concerns directly to the Plateau-Mont-Royal borough.

"If you have any questions regarding this decision, we invite you to communicate directly with the Plateau-Mont-Royal at the following address:"

The space is usually open throughout the summer from around mid-May to mid-September.

In addition to independent co-working, Aire Commune also hosted networking events, business conferences, "and cultural events aimed at bringing citizens together and creating links between business and entrepreneurs in Mile End and Montreal."

The grand opening of Nouvelle Vague is happening on May 14, 2020, with a "completely revamped site and amplified programming."

Îlot 84 is promising "it will be as much fun as in the Mile End, but with a crazy view as a bonus!"

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