Montreal's All-New Samuel De Champlain Bridge Is Now Open (Video)

Unfortunately, there's already traffic.
Montreal's All-New Samuel De Champlain Bridge Is Now Open (Video)

The new Champlain bridge was inaugurated this Monday, just in time for the Saint-Jean Baptiste. The new bridge, which is to replace the out-of-date old Champlain bridge, opened to much media fanfare. 

The Champlain bridge was officially supposed to open at Christmas in 2018, but the inauguration date was pushed back to the summer.

The bridge's Montreal-bound lane opened on June 24th. Its southbound lane will open on Canada Day, July 1. We took a look at the new bridge and our videos show traffic and congestion on the bridge during the long weekend.

The opening of the bridge was staggered to allow a smoother merging to the rest of the road system. It will also make it safer for drivers.

The new bridge spans over three kilometers and features a bus lane, a bike lane, a pedestrian lane and an area for the future REM train.

Not to mention lights that many have described as "tacky."

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Despite the precautions taken to ensure a smooth transition to the new bridge, traffic was reported on the bridge. According to the Journal de Montréal, this bridge is the busiest bridge in all of Canada, with over 50 million vehicles crossing it every year.

One hopes that congestion on the bridge is not a regular occurrence. Watch the video above for a look at the brand-new bridge during a spectacular sunset.

Traffic on the bridge may be explained by the increased number of cars on the road because of the long weekend, or the fact that many were driving below the speed limit to take in the new structure.

The second direction of the bridge is scheduled to open this Canada Day, July 1st 2019.

The new Champlain bridge opened in the Montreal direction on Monday. The bridge will open in the direction of the South Shore on July 1.

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