Montreal's Atwater Christmas Market Is Hosting A Holiday-Themed Escape Room Game This Year

There's even a virtual reality game!
Montreal's Atwater Christmas Market Is Hosting A Holiday-Themed Escape Room Game This Year

There are so many wonderfully whimsical winter events going on in and around Montreal. And, I know it can be hard to pick which activities are the best to participate in, so I'm here to help you! Montreal's Atwater Christmas Market is going to be jam-packed with amazing activities this year, and one of those is going to be the A/Maze. Their new location opens on November 29 of this year and will be open until December 22. And let me tell you, it's going to be very festive. 

A/Maze is a Montreal based company that specializes in the art of escape rooms. These games are meant to test your mental strength, teamwork and of course are designed for you to have fun.   

Each room has a different theme and of course, this temporary location is inspired by holiday adventures. Every weekend, participants at this specific location will have the choice between two games, both of which are unique to this location. 

The first is a classic escape game with a Christmas twist. Santa’s Workshop will allow guests to dive into the North Pole and participate in this exclusive Christmas quest.

When the elves don’t come home for Christmas, Santa is asking you to help get the gifts ready. But most of all, Mr. Claus needs you to make the special powder that lets his reindeer fly through the night.

[rebelmouse-image 26888299 photo_credit="A/MAZE" expand=1 original_size="800x534"] A/MAZE

If you think you are up for the challenge, then this escape room is for you! 

The other game that A/Maze is offering is called Save Christmas. This virtual reality adventure allows participants to enter a world where Santa, again, needs your help. He needs you to save Christmas! 

[rebelmouse-image 26888300 photo_credit="A/MAZE" expand=1 original_size="800x338"] A/MAZE

And by being thrown into the North Pole, participants have the illusion of truly being in Santa’s workshop. So, it's time to see if you're fast enough to be the one to save this important holiday. 

From helping the elves make more presents to lighting the Christmas tree that will guide Mr. Claus through the dark, this game is sure to make you feel that holiday cheer! This is the perfect chance to rediscover the magic of Christmas as an adult.

A/Maze Christmas Edition

[rebelmouse-image 26888301 photo_credit="A/MAZE" expand=1 original_size="1125x831"] A/MAZE

When: November 29 - December 22

Where: Montreal’s Christmas Market; Atwater Market

Cost: 20$ per player

Check out their website!

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