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Montreal's Atwater Tunnel Has Completely Flooded And Cars Are Trapped Under Freezing Water (Video)

Breaking Montreal news: the Atwater tunnel has been completely blocked off in both directions due to a major flood.

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TL;DR As a result of the breakage of a 24-inch pipe during excavation work near the Atwater Market, the Atwater Tunnel has been totally flooded this morning. Cars are completely submerged in freezing cold water. No one has been injured. The tunnel is closed in both directions until further notice.

And when I say major, I mean it. Cars are totally submerged in freezing cold water. 

The flood is a result of the breakage of a 24-inch pipe during excavation work near the Atwater Market.

It's no surprise that this was caused by some form of construction.

So far there are no reports of injuries, but the footage and photos are insane. Water levels this high are rarely seen in Montreal.

Tunnel Atwater fermé en raison d’une inondation suite à une conduite perforée | Je suis sur place accompagné du directeur du @MTL_SIM : aucune vie en danger; mesures d’urgence du #SOMtl décrétées; et les équipes sont sur place pour rétablir la situation.

November 20, 2018

DERNIÈRE HEURE Montréal : Tunnel Atwater complètement inondé suite à un bris de conduite d’eau de 24 pouces lors de travaux.

November 20, 2018

Just an hour ago the city of Montreal announced the total closure of the tunnel for repairs until further notice. Due to the severity of the accident, this closure might last a while.

.@SO_MTL FERMETURE COMPLÈTE tunnel Atwater fermé dans les deux directions. Travaux d'aqueduc en cours.

November 20, 2018

If you normally take the Atwater Tunnel on your daily commute, best to find a plan B route ASAP.


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