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Montreal Bartender Stays Incredibly Calm As Vandal Smashes The Bar With A Bat (Video)

The bar's owner says the video is like "an instructional video on what to do in a situation like that."
Montreal's Bar Piranha Bartender Stays Calm As Vandal Smashes Bar With A Bat (Video)
  • Security video at downtown Montreal bar Piranha shows a vandal smash parts of the establishment with a baseball bat.
  • The bar's owner says the bartender's incredible composure should serve as an example of what to do in similar situations.

A bartender at downtown Montreal's Piranha Bar showed incredible poise in the face of a bat-wielding assailant. Pirahna Bar owner Mathieu Malouin posted the shocking video to Facebook in praise of the calm demeanour of bartender and assistant manager Valérie Gaudreau. The video shows an individual brandishing a baseball bat and proceeding to cause damages to the bar, the video lottery machines, and even the bar's glass doors.

The unnamed vandal is known to Piranha Bar's staff and patrons for allegedly harassing them after he was first kicked out of the bar for disturbing customers in December.

The assailant's frustrations apparently came to a head when he came to the bar armed with intent to cause chaos.

As Gaudreau calmly dialled the police, a small group of shocked patrons looked on as the man smashed beer taps and a couple of machines. 

Malouin tells MTL Blog that the man would "try to get into Piranha Bar since we first kicked him out and make death threats to me and the doorman. He came back every night and our security guard would make him leave." 

The video (seen below) shows the individual, who wore all black and has his face covered with a ski mask, approach Gaudreau with the bat.

After she seemingly ignores him, he proceeds to smash the beer taps, nearly hitting the bartender's hands as she was pouring a beer.

Alerted by the noise, the bar's patrons cautiously move away from the man and one customer even flees the bar and runs outside. 

The man then walks over to a row of VLT machines and smashes them with the bat. As he proceeds to leave, he drops something, picks it up, turns around, and destroys another beer tap. 

As seen from another angle, the man smashes one of the bar's glass entrance doors before he runs out of the establishment. The shocked and confused patrons can only look on, thankful they didn't get caught in the man's wake. 

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Malouin further alleges that Montreal police were able to arrest the assailant when he later appeared at another nearby restaurant.

MTL Blog contacted the SPVM for more information, but a representative explained that the police "do not usually comment on specific cases for reasons of security and confidentiality."

[rebelmouse-image 26887513 photo_credit="Mathieu Malouin | Facebook" expand=1 original_size="1200x800"] Mathieu Malouin | Facebook

In his 25 years in the bar business, Malouin says has never seen anything like this.

While the $3,000 in damage the bat-wielding man created is nothing to smile about, Malouin is thankful that no one got hurt.

[rebelmouse-image 26887514 photo_credit="Provided by Mathieu Malouin \n" expand=1 original_size="4032x3024"] Provided by Mathieu Malouin

In fact, he made it a point to underline Gaudreau's incredible composure in the face of danger. 

"This is a perfect example of what to do in an emergency situation! Stay calm and call the police," says Malouin.

The incident is a reminder that Montreal bartenders have to deal with all kinds of wild and dangerous situations on a day to day basis. 

The service industry is one of the most unforgiving and if it takes a steely demeanour like Gaudreau's to set a good example for other industry professionals, I'm all for it. 

So next time you find yourself at Piranha Bar, leave Gaudreau a big tip and stay for a metal show. 

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