Montreal's Beautiful Rue Wellington Is Going Pedestrian-Only All Summer

Verdun is making 21.5 kilometres of new safe lanes for cyclists and pedestrians!
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Montreal's Beautiful Rue Wellington Is Going Pedestrian-Only All Summer

Yet another popular street is going pedestrian-only. As part of the City of Montreal's plan to build new and improved active mobility streets, the Verdun borough is next in line to be improved. Starting this June, Verdun will build 21.5 kilometres of safe lanes for cyclists, pedestrians, and merchants. The plan is part of the city's Safe Active Pathways circuit, unveiled on May 20. This includes the pedestrianization of rue Wellington.

"With the arrival of good weather, we all need to get some fresh air and move around, but keeping two meters away from others in an urban environment like Verdun represents a very big challenge," said Borough Mayor Jean-François Parenteau.

"This is why we will develop new living environments, where walking, cycling, and even play will play an important role." 

Wellington will be reserved for pedestrians between boulevard Lasalle and 4e avenue starting on June 6 until fall 2020. There will be several parking lots available to the public. 

"These new developments aim to offer more space for physical distance and to improve the commercial experience of customers during their local purchases," said borough officials. 

SDC Wellington director Billy Walsh said that the borough has, "shown openness and attentiveness so that merchants and customers can have a pleasant experience this summer on Wellington." 

In addition to pedestrianization, the borough will also construct a series of "vélorues."

These routes serve as "transit routes" for the many cyclists in the borough "who circulate between the cycle paths of the Aqueduct, rue de Verdun and the banks of the fleuve."

Vélorues will be built on the following streets: 

  • 4th Avenue

  • 5th Avenue

  • Rue Desmarchais, between de Verdun and LaSalle Boulevard

  • Rue Évangéline

  • Rue Hickson

There will also be 13 sections of "family streets," that will allow for safer transit. 

On 42 streets, the borough will demarcate areas where children can play freely.

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Verdun is among the major Montreal boroughs to get a facelift this summer.

Already, the city announced the pedestrianization of avenue du Mont-Royal and parts of downtown's Sainte-Catherine street Ouest

"As deconfinement begins soon and the good weather arrives, it becomes essential to offer Montrealers the safe public spaces they need to make their essential purchases, go to work or get some air while remaining active, respecting public health requirements in terms of physical distance," said Mayor Valérie Plante last week. 

[rebelmouse-image 26885039 photo_credit="Ville de Montreal" expand=1 original_size="1013x1204"] Ville de Montreal

If you live around Verdun, prepare to adjust your commute! 

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