Best Dumplings In Montreal

10 authentic spots to choose from.
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Best Dumplings In Montreal

Ahh, dumplings. Everyone's favourite stuffed dough ball. Whether you like them fried, steamed, or as xiao long bao, there is no wrong way to eat one. You can either share them with friends or eat like thirty of them by yourself, no judgement. 

While Montreal isn't that renowned for dumpling restaurants, we do have a few incredible ones that are absolutely worth a visit. Keep reading for a list of Montreal's best dumpling restaurants! 

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TL;DR  Montreal has some amazing dumpling restaurants, despite popular belief! Without further ado, here are Montreal's best dumplings! 

The Dumpling Hut 

The Dumpling Hut on Clark has by far some of the city's best dumplings! The dough is perfect and the filling is perfectly proportioned. One order gives you 16 dumplings which are plenty to fill up on (though you'll want to get a few more). Not to mention the cozy "at home" atmosphere, The Dumpling Hut is an absolute must!

Where: 3591 Clark

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La Maison de Mademoiselle Dumpling

A little ways from Chinatown is a wonderful dumpling restaurant called La Maison de Mademoiselle Dumpling. The dumplings are fresh and made with quality ingredients. As a bonus, they open an awesome terrasse in the summer!

Where: 6381 St. Hubert

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Montreal Chinese Crepes and Dumplings

Way off the beaten path is this little gem of a dumpling restaurant in Montreal-Ouest. With many filling options and specials every day, Montreal Chinese Crepes and Dumplings is worth the trek! Their pan-fried dumplings are especially delicious, which is super rare, I think.

Where: 37 Westminster

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Bien Maison

For some of the best xiao long bao in Montreal, look no further than Bien Maison in Chinatown. Soup filled dumplings are by far some of my favourites and finding a good one in this city is more complicated than it needs to be. Bien Maison gets them right every. single. time.

Where: 1084 St. Laurent

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Qing Hua Dumpling

Where would this list be without mentioning the famous Qing Hua Dumpling? Known around the city as probably the best dumpling restaurant, people from far and wide travel to Qing Hua to try their famous dumplings. With two locations, you're never far from Montreal's finest dumplings.

Where: 1019 St. Laurent // 1676 Lincoln

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Ai Dumpling

If you happen to find yourself way out west, you'll be able to find some amazing dumpling. Ai Dumpling on Somerled is the perfect choice for those who don't want to trek all the way to Chinatown for incredibly authentic, handmade dumplings. Just be warned, Ai Dumplings has a tendency to get very busy around dinnertime.

Where: 6592 Somerled

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Roi du Wonton

If you're walking around aimlessly downtown, you're liable to miss Roi du Wonton if you're not looking carefully. This tiny little restaurant has a uniquely authentic homecooked vibe to it and makes some fantastic dumplings. Not only that but it's super affordable and if you're not into dumplings, they have a huge selection of authentic Chinese recipes to satisfy your cravings!

Where: 2125 Saint-Marc

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Harbin Dumpling 

Handmade specialty dumplings made fresh to order? Sign me up! Harbin Dumplings in the Plateau is super authentic and homey, transporting you to another land with delicious doughy dumpling delights. Run, don't walk, to Harbin today!

Where: 4801 St. Laurent

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Sammi & Soupe Dumpling

Sammi & Soupe Dumplings in Montreal's downtown is a little slice of dumpling heaven. Super authentic, handmade dumplings are waiting for you to fill up on here at Sammi & Soupe. What's really cool is that they offer non-traditional options like crab, curry, and lamb. You should go there hungry, you'll definitely need to.

Where: 1909 St. Catherine

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Mai Xiang Yuan

Going back to Chinatown, we'll find a classic dumpling shop in Mai Xiang Yuan. With affordable prices and immense portions, what's not to love? The restaurant is spacious and the service fantastic. I haven't even mentioned how good the dumplings are! Mai Xiang Yuan definitely gives some of Montreal's dumpling heavyweight champs a run for their money.

Where: 1082 St. Laurent

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Hungry yet? I know I am! See you at the dumpling shop, Montreal!

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Staff Writer