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Montreal's Biggest Ever Cocktail Festival Is Coming In May

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Montreal's Biggest Ever Cocktail Festival Is Coming In May

Invasion Cocktail is Montreal's biggest cocktail festival and its probably the perfect way to kick off summer in the city. Since 2014, Invasion Cocktail takes over 40 bars and restaurants in Montreal to present the 250 best cocktail creations in the city.

From May 20th-May 31st, hit up Invasion Cocktail and make sure to sample some of Montreal's finest cocktails. Founded by Maryline Demandre and Pierre Olivier Trempe, Invasion Cocktail is billed as Canada's largest mixology competition. 

Quebec mixologists will craft 250 cocktails at the hottest bars in the cocktail scene. Cocktails will be showcased and available for consumption at many participating bars.

You can discover spins on classics or new favourites! The festival also aims to educate aspiring mixologists and current industry professionals with a series of seminars throughout the week. 

Invasion Cocktail is the perfect festival to kick off the summer because it'll introduce you to some of the summer's most trending cocktail recipes. There's a whole menu available for you to explore! 

With over 250 cocktails to be sampled, it might be a little overwhelming to try them all. If you tried to drink them all, not only would you be ripping drunk, you'd probably get sick too. Thankfully, Invasion Cocktail has a handy online menu where you can filter the results by alcohol type and location. 

Cocktails like "Beetlejuice" (available at Le 4e Murcontain Vodkalight, beet and hibiscus syrup, apple juice, and bitters.

Don't like vodka cocktails? Try on the "Call 911" (available at VV Taverna) which has Buffalo Trace bourbon, spiced brown rum, brown rum, passionfruit syrup, pineapple, and star anise.

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There are 34 bars in Montreal and 6 bars in Quebec City that are participating in the Invasion Cocktail festival. Local favourites such as Bar George, Clébard, and Taza Flores will be offering their cocktail selections throughout the week. 

No matter what your taste, it's guaranteed that you'll find a cocktail to your liking. From seasonal specialties to year-round flavours, Invasion Cocktail is the place to be for cocktail lovers in Quebec. 

From May 20th to May 31st, you absolutely need to experience Invasion Cocktail, Canada's biggest ever mixology festival!

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Will you be going to Invasion Cocktail this year? 

WHAT: Invasion Cocktail

WHERE: Montreal & Quebec City (for a complete list of participating establishments, click here)

WHEN: May 20th to May 31st, 2019