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Old Montreal Is Getting A Huge BBQ Food Festival This Summer

Ribs, pulled pork poutine, brisket, & much much more...!
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Montreal le Grand Ribfest

One of the best things about summer is barbequing outdoors. There's nothing like grilling some delicious food on a beautiful day with some friends and beers. 

Montreal summers often take these traditions and turn them up to 11 with absolutely huge festivals that take over the city. Le Grand Ribfest is one of those incredibly popular summer Montreal festivals that you must attend if you love barbeque! 

Every summer, for one week only, the Old Port is suffused with the scent of grilled meats and the sounds of blues music. Le Grand Ribfest 2019 happens this August and it's set to be bigger than ever before. 

Make your way to the Quai Jacques-Cartier on August 13th to August 18th to delight in the creations some of the international barbeque masters.

Le Grand Ribfest certainly lives up to its name. The six-day event hosts seven superstar barbeque pitmasters, local microbrewery shops, music, and seating for over a 1,000 people! This year's edition of Le Grand Ribfest is said to be the biggest one to date! 

If you're not already stuffed full of BBQ ribs and chicken, the festival will also prominently feature local Montreal food trucks and a huge variety of dessert bars. 

Montreal's Le Grand Ribfest is a part international celebration of barbeque mastery and a part international barbeque competition. Those partaking in the feast will be able to vote for their favourite pitmasters and a panel of judges will award prizes to the best!

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Carnivores will be able to indulge in their favourites like barbeque pork ribs, split chicken, sausages, and much more! Vegans and vegetarians might have a hard time at Le Grand Ribfest but, ya know, there's poutine, blooming onions and collard greens too. 

Everyone is welcome at Le Grand Ribfest no matter what! There's even a huge area for family activities. With seating along the water and a massive fairground for you to explore, Le Grand Ribfest is a perfect day-long activity. 

You can't miss this year's Le Grand Ribfest!

Le Grand Ribfest is happening at the Quai Jacques-Cartier this August!

Happy eating, Montreal!

WHAT: Le Grand Ribfest 2019

WHEN: August 13th to August 18th, 2019

WHERE: Quai Jacques-Cartier (Old Port)

For more information, check out Le Grand Ribfest's official Facebook page

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