Montreal's Botanical Garden Will Be Free For A Day In May

The Great Gardening Weekend is an annual event at the Montreal Botanical Garden that celebrates the peak of spring, gardening culture, and the vast array of plants that humans have cultivated over millenia.

To promote the event, the Botanical Garden is offering free admission on its opening day!

To be clear, access to the event will be free only on Friday, May 24th, but will also include free admission to the entire Botanical Garden!

The Great Gardening Weekend will continue through Sunday, May 26th, but attendees will have to purchase tickets.

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TLDR: Access to the Montreal Botanical Garden will be free only on Friday, May 24th as part of the Great Gardening Weekend.

If this offer wasn't enticing enough, organizers will also be handing out free tree saplings while supplies last.

This is the perfect opportunity to learn more about gardening and stock up on the essentials for a beautiful summer garden.

After the event, take a stroll through the Botantical Garden's permanent exhibits while flowers are in full bloom. The arboretum and famous Chinese Garden are particularly beautiful in the spring months.

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This is the perfect opportunity to plan a spring outing. Considering taking a BIXI bike to the garden to do your shopping at the Great Gardening Weekened. Then take a stroll through the rest of the Botanical Garden and complete your afternoon with a picnic in the adjacent Parc Maisonneuve.

Check out the Great Gardening Weekend web page for more information or to purchase tickets for Saturday and Sunday!