8 Things You Need To Know About Montreal's "Bus Surfer" Cassandre Thomas

She comes from a family of stunt people!
8 Things You Need To Know About Montreal's "Bus Surfer" Cassandre Thomas

Since this past Saturday, February 8, a 19-year-old woman has been the talk of the town in Montreal. Cassandre Thomas hung onto the bumper of a moving STM bus and shared it on social networks with the caption "When you miss your bus." The video of her actions quickly went viral as the young woman was being pulled by the bus, on the street, without protective gear, which is how she became known as the Montreal bus surfer.

In an interview with Narcity, she said that, for her, it was just one stunt among many. The slide, which caused controversy in Quebec, was not Cassandre's most dangerous stunt.

She's been an adrenaline junky since she was a little girl and currently devotes her life to stunts and acrobatics.

Below, you'll find the viral video of a bus making its way on Rue Sherbrooke in Montreal with her on the back, which was seen by hundreds of thousands of people across various platforms.

She definitely found an original way to make her way down Sherbrooke.

If you're curious about this Montrealer who's currently making waves on social networks, here's what you need to know.

Cassandre Is A 19-Year-Old From Saint Martin

Saint Martin is a French and Dutch island in the Caribbean Sea.

It's only been two years since she and her family moved to Montreal after Hurricane Irma devastated their home.

She explains that it has been a real adjustment being here since there are far fewer rules where she comes from.

She's Part Of A Family Of Five Children

She has an older sister and three younger siblings.

She Used To Be Home-Schooled

She and her siblings have all been or are still being homeschooled.

Cassandre graduated at 16 years old and has not gone on to higher education. She wants to focus on her career.

She Began Doing Stunts When She Was Very Young

Cassandre explains that she doesn't remember how old she was when she started doing stunts. She even jokingly said she learned to walk on a trampoline.

According to her, this is something common in her family. Her father used to do a lot of stunts and sports in the past, and her siblings do too — although not as much as she does.

She Dreams Of Becoming A Stuntwoman

And she works extremely hard to improve herself.

Currently, she does a lot of strength training at the gym, parkour, biking, climbing, and motorcycling.

She explains that her physical fitness helps her not get injured and have good control of her body.

She Says This Is The Hardest Stunt She's Ever Done:

She performed this stunt in Montreal.

She explains that she had been thinking about it for a long time, and the first video demonstrates that it took her several tries to reach the result of the second one.

Cassandre Has Never Seriously Injured Herself Doing Acrobatics

She says she's been injured before, but never doing her stunts. Her biggest injury during a trick was a sprained ankle.

She Doesn't Intend To Stop Doing Her Stunts, Despite The Controversy

She acknowledges that the story of the bus may not have been her most cautious idea under the circumstances, but that she is still pleased with the visibility it has given her.

Unsurprisingly, her Instagram subscriber base has exploded in the last 48 hours.

Cassandre is already planning stunts in Saint Martin since she's going back there soon.

* This article was originally published in French on Narcity Québec.

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