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Another Rue Crescent Institution Disappears As Copacabana Closes Forever After 21 Years

We already know what's replacing it.
Montreal's Club Copacabana Is Latest Institution To Close On Rue Crescent
  • The owner of the popular Club Copacabana announced that the institution has closed its doors for the last time.
  • A club with the same tropical theme is replacing it.
  • The Copacabana is just the latest establishment on Crescent to shut down.

After 21 years of entertaining Crescent Street club-goers with tropical and Latino rhythms, Montreal's Club Copacabana is closing and will be replaced by a brand-new club. The news was announced on the founder's Facebook page early this month. Club Copacabana was a popular spot for tourists and locals, alike, with a packed house every weekend. 

The club has already shuttered its doors and is preparing for the grand opening event of the new Mambo Supperclub on February 28. Mambo Supperclub promises to bring the same electric tropical flavour in a classier atmosphere.

The new club will be across the street from the former Club Copacabana location, moving into the second and third floors of the building currently occupied by Restaurant Milsa. Mambo Supperclub will be one of the biggest clubs on Crescent Street, with two floors and plans for a rooftop terrasse. 

Our colleagues at Narcity Québec confirmed that Copacabana closed because, according to owners, "it was no longer worth the trouble." 

In a Facebook post, Copacabana's owner writes that "it is with great regret that I announce the end of an adventure that has allowed me to know great people like you."

"Club Copacabana will always remain the Latin hub of Montreal. Those who know me know that it's not over!"

The closure of Club Copacabana marks yet another farewell to an iconic Crescent Street destination this year.

In January, the always-popular Thursday's Club suddenly shuttered its doors on New Year's Day and left 100 employees without a job. 

There's no word from Copacabana's owners regarding the status of their employees. Owners will likely be hiring more people to staff Mambo Supperclub, as it's much larger than Copa. 

According to Narcity Québec, the new Mambo Supperclub will have the same formula as Copacabana in terms of music and atmosphere. The club promises to have a revamped menu and all-new decor. 

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Many Club Copacabana fans were sad to hear that the club was closing after 21 years but won't have to wait long to experience a replacement that promises to be bigger and better.

Those who love to dance to salsa, reggaeton, bachata, and Latin house won't be disappointed by the offerings at Mambo Supperclub. 

The new establishment invites the public to RSVP to its grand opening event on February 28, just in time for Nuit Blanche and the arrival of spring.

DJs Fabio Brizzi and DJ Choco will be spinning beats until the wee hours of the morning.

Fare thee well, Copacabana! Thanks for all the memories. 

Don't miss the grand opening of Mambo Supperclub on Friday, February 28, 2020.

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