A Blazing Dump Truck Fire Shut Down Montreal's Décarie Expressway (Video)

No one was injured in the blaze.
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Montreal's Décarie Expressway Shut Down By Blazing Dump Truck Fire (Video)

Police had to shut down the southbound Décarie this morning after an empty dump truck caught fire. Authorities closed three lanes of traffic and re-routed all southbound traffic through boulevard Édouard-Montpetit, causing some massive traffic jams around the area. 

The situation is stable at the moment and the Décarie has reopened to traffic. The driver was not injured and firefighters put out the blaze quickly in order to not stall the busy stretch of highway any longer. 

The truck stalled out and caught fire near rue Isabella. According to police reports, no one was injured and the fire was likely caused by mechanical issues.

Transport Quebec advised motorists to take any detours possible if they needed to go southbound this morning. The advisory was lifted this afternoon, but the MTQ still warns of slow going in the area. 

Live video from the Décarie right now shows a steady flow of traffic on the highway in both directions. The southbound service road, however, is a complete disaster at Queen-Mary, so be advised. 

One MTL Blog reader, @aceofspades7 sent us a dramatic video from the scene. 

The video (seen below) shows a raging inferno at the truck's front end.

Though dramatic, the fire didn't cause any injuries and the driver was safely escorted from the scene.

Truck Fire on Decarie

Thankfully, the truck was empty and police secured the area in time or else it might've been a lot worse. 

Translation: The burning truck, which caused the closure of Décarie Highway south to Isabella in the last hour, was empty. There are no injuries. The situation has returned to normal at the traffic level.

Billowing black smoke filled the air and created a dramatic scene for commuters this morning.

If you have any photos or videos, feel free to send them our way!

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The incident occurred at roughly 10 a.m. this morning.

Translation: A15 south (Decarie), near Isabella, a dump truck is on fire // complete closure, emergency services on scene. Southbound traffic detoured through boulevard Edouard-Montpetit. PLZ, avoid the area.

A month ago, another truck caught fire near the Décarie Expressway and stalled traffic for hours. 

More details to come as they're released! Drive safe, Montreal. 

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