Montreal's Entire STM Green Metro Line Is Shut Down Due To The Presence Of Smoke

The shutdown is for all stations between Angrignon and Honore-Beaugrand.
Montreal's Entire STM Green Metro Line Is Shut Down Due To The Presence Of Smoke

This past weekend, Montreal's STM Green line was down for over 8 hours as they dealt with water infiltration in the metro network between Viau and Frontenac. 

Now, it seems there has been another incident on the Green line, as several Montrealers have taken to Twitter to demand what the origin of a strange smell they were smelling in different stations on the Green line.

Apparently, the smell was coming from smoke, potentially from the brakes of the trains. Some people were told to get off the metro trains, though the STM is investigating the issue. 

The STM tweeted the above tweet at 9:42 indicating that the Green line would be shut down for 20 minutes between Angrignon and Honore-Beaugrand, meaning the entire Green line has been affected by the presence of smoke.

The following tweets were exchanged between the STM and passengers over the last half hour, as passengers continued to smell a strange scent from within the metro.

The STM Green Line Twitter account tweeted the above in response to a Twitter user asking, "What is wrong now." They sent this tweet out around 9 AM. 

The tweet above was in response to someone wondering why there was smoke in Frontenac station, about a half an hour after the initial tweet indicating that there had been an "incident."

Other Twitter users mentioned the smell at different metro stations on the Green line, in addition to Frontenac. 

The tweet above was in response to someone asking why there was the smell of smoke at Prefontaine, where passengers were asked to get off the trains. 

The tweet above reads: "The service is on the rebound but remains idle due to congestion."

After exchanging tweets with individual Twitter users, the STM finally issued a formal tweet about the incident and shutdown, seen at the top of this article. 

They did mention in the tweet above, however, that they had a team at Prefontaine to investigate the origin of the smell. 

We will update this space if any more tweets are sent out, by the STM or other Montrealers, particularly if any details come to light about the origin of the smoke, the smell or what the incident initially was that caused the slowdown.