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Montreal's Food Industry Is Preparing To Release Marijuana Edibles To The Market Next Year

The city's interest in cannabis-infused food is bigger than you think.
Montreal's Food Industry Is Preparing To Release Marijuana Edibles To The Market Next Year

Since cannabis became legal in Canada last month, everyone's been asking about edibles and when they'll legally come to the market. 

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TL;DR With Montreal being the food capital of the country, local vendors have already begun planning for future products that'll be released after edibles are legalized in 2019. A conference was held last month in the city for those in the food industry looking to cash in on the cannabis market.

It's been announced already that edibles will be legal in the country by winter 2019, so investors and major companies have already begun preparing for the big unveiling of marijuana-infused consumables.

Otherwise, we've all assumed it's so far undetermined from whom, or where, we would be able to buy edibles from. Well, it turns out it might be a bit easier than you think.

Montrealers might be in for a treat in late 2019, as there are already a ton of vendors and food producers in the city looking to cash in on the cannabis market.

Last month over a hundred of bakers, chocolatiers, store owners, and entrepreneurs gathered in downtown Montreal for a conference on how to introduce edibles into the food industry. So far, there's massive excitement from local vendors who want to incorporate the legal substance into their food.

The target audience is people who are interested in using marijuana, but aren't comfortable with smoking it. Edibles are the perfect solution as it doesn't take any toll on your lungs, while still offering the same effects you'd recieve by smoking.

With Montreal being the food capital of the country, there's no doubt that the bulk of all edible products will be introduced in the city before being offered anywhere else. 

The regulations on how the edibles will be sold is still undetermined. Online availability and the SQDC stores might be the only retailer at first to sell the products, with food vendors and local restaurants releasing their own products afterwards. 

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Although it seems like a long wait before we can finally enjoy marijuana-infused munchies at all of our favourite shops in Montreal, it's totally worth it. Who knows what kinds of products will be released? The sky is the limit!


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