Montreal's Greenspot Restaurant Now Delivers & A Poutine Mountain Is Waiting For You

If you yearn for the warm embrace of perfect fries and thick gravy, one Montreal spot has you covered. The Greenspot Restaurant in St-Henri now delivers, so you can enjoy its varied menu of generous poutines from the comfort and safety of your home. The neighbourhood institution shared the news on its Facebook page.

"Boom💥! We are slowly rolling out the Delivery Platforms," it wrote on April 2. It confirmed the next day that it's available on both Foodora and Uber Eats.

Among the poutines currently able to make the journey to your couch are the St-Henri (hashed steak, peppers, and mushrooms), the Avalanche (bacon), and Chop-Chop (smoked meat).

The delivery menu also includes smoked meat sandwiches, pizza, hot dogs, gyros, burgers, and subs.

A Greenspot employee confirmed to MTL Blog that even more dishes will be available for delivery shortly.

This is new territory for the Notre-Dame diner.

Founded in 1947, the restaurant and its retro charm are perhaps just as alluring as its extensive and wide-ranging menu.

A patterned tin ceiling, wood panelling, and inoperative but nonetheless cool jukeboxes at each table make for an unmatched dining experience that attracts throngs of brunch-goers on late weekend mornings during normal times.

Delivery won't be quite the same, but it does create the possibility for new ways to appreciate Greenspot food.

Poutine is, after all, best served with Netflix.

The diner is of course just one of many Montreal restaurants that have had to reorient toward take-out and delivery.

Restaurant dining rooms, listed among the province's non-essential businesses, are closed until May 4, putting unprecedented emphasis on online food delivery services.

Thankfully, right now, Montrealers can order everything from pho to bakery goods.

But those services are taking precautions, too.

Both Uber Eats and Foodora allow customers to opt for door drops to minimize contact with employees.

Stay tuned.