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Montreal's "Harry Potter" Themed Bar Is Hosting A Magical Wand-Making Workshop This Month

A little over a year ago, the Montreal resto-bar scene was blessed with a new bar unlike anything it has ever seen before. A Harry Potter-themed bar opened up in town, and people went crazy for it.

The Lockhart bar is located on Saint Denis street in the heart of the Plateau.

This bar — with another location in Toronto  is dedicated to the world of Harry Potter, but not in a tacky over-the-top in-your-face kind of way. It's much more subtle and nuanced than that. In short, there's nothing child-ish looking about this bar.

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TL;DR  Le Lockhart, Montreal's only Harry Potter-themed bar, is hosting a wand-making workshop this month! Scroll down for all the information!

It's a spot where grown Harry Potter fans can go to enjoy a magical and carefully-concocted cocktail, and even some delicious food. Yes, the Harry Potter bar does brunch!

It's spellbinding, to say the least.

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That said, Le Lockhart hosts events throughout the year for die-hard HP fans around Montreal.

This month, they are hosting a "wand-making" workshop for only the biggest fans. This has become a staple event for the bar and is popular with their regulars.

The workshop is about 90 minutes long, costs $8, and includes all the materials you need to craft your wand. Afterwards, you can enjoy a classic cocktail and some tasty food with the company of other like-minded fans.

Everything you need to know:

What: Harry Potter Wand-Making Workshop
Where: Le Lockhart
When: Sunday December 30th // all day
To reserve your spot: Please email

Check out all the info on Facebook HERE!

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