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Montreal's Igloofest Is Throwing A Special Free Party This Weekend

Get ready for a budget-friendly, fun-filled day with friends
Montreal's Igloofest Is Throwing A Special Free Party This Weekend

Gather your favourite people and bundle up this weekend, because Igloofest is going to be hosting an event you don't want to miss. This Saturday January 26, starting at 2 p.m., Igloofest is hosting its second-annual Off-Igloo day, a free event packed with fun winter activities.

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TL;DR On January 26, head over to Igloofest in the Old Port for free entry to the site. There will be a host of crazy winter activities, like Volleypong, and lots of great snacks to try once you're tired out.

Via Igloofest

Via Cannelle Wiechert

For the second year in a row, Igloofest is organising a ton of fun, family-friendly activities, like Volleypong, the electric Iglooslide, and the classic, yet still impressive, Christmas Tree Toss. Other Old Port favourites, like the Natrel ice rink, the Montreal Science Center, and Zipline MTL will be offering special deals and rates, as well!

There will be great food, too, like sweet donuts from Beignes d'Antan or a quick snack at Cantine chez Nick by an open fire. That fire will probably come in handy, because the weather is predicted to be between -14 and -19 (though that sounds balmy compared to a day like today).

Via Sylvain Granier

Because Igloofest is known for its parties, the day wouldn't be complete without DJs and light shows. Music will be playing all day, and, once the sun sets, the grounds will illuminate the artistic creations of VJ TiND.

So grab your friends, grab your tuques, and go play! Trust us, you'll wanna experience this.

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