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Montreal's Jean-Talon Market Now Has A 'Food Truck Zone'

So you can eat alllll of the food.
Food trucks

Jean-Talon just got even more delicious, a task which was previously thought to be impossible. How, you ask? Well, this week, it was announced that Jean-Talon market will now be the home to food trucks!

The roster of popular food trucks includes everything from burgers to meatballs, to sandwiches and falafel.

The food truck gathering began this week and will be rotating until the end of the summer. MTLBlog went to the market to learn more about this new street food zone.

They say that you should never do your groceries when you're hungry, and for good reason. Grocery shopping on an empty stomach inevitably leads to buying waaay more stuff than you actually need.

So, honestly, buying food at one of these food trucks might actually SAVE you money, keeping you from buying 3 baguettes and a dozen wheels of cheese.

It's one of the best parts of the market's experience: you do your groceries, then you get food to-go and eat your spoils on your way home.

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MTLBlog went to visit the Jean-Talon market food trucks to see what the hype was all about. Watch that video below:

The addition of the food trucks addresses a void in the Jean-Talon experience, according to Gaëlle Cerf, Vice-President of the Food Truck Association of Quebec, who hopes the gathering will "pick up and become a new thing."

Different trucks will be rotating throughout the summer, so you'll be able to try out a variety of cuisines, from Italian food to Middle Eastern dishes.

Go to the Jean-Talon market this week and try some great food all while getting some fresh, organic produce to take home. Talk about two birds with one stone...

Here's everything you need to know.

WHAT: Jean Talon Market Foodtrucks

WHEN: every day this summer.

WHERE: Jean Talon market.

Why you should go: to try amaaaaaazing street food.

Check out the full summer schedule here!

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